Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump's Inaugural Speech and the Nigerian Conundrum

When Trump gave his words and we learnt that we say "Bring Back " not only our girls.
Like all good speeches, Donald Trump's inaugural speech was made for more than its own time.

It speaks volume about America that was at a time the mast or bastion if you like, of global democracy. It also says with a tinge of regrets the not too bonny tales of its recent past as well as the determination to revert to the path of greatness for the goodness of the present and renewed hope of a brighter future.

Trust Americans ,they don't copy they are rather copied. The soothing message of restoration that came out of Trump was far bigger than Trumps brains. He has given America his words and he must keep it. Just as Napoleon Bonaparte once said "The best way to keep ones word is not to give it". And to quote Trump himself "We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action. The time for empty talk is over."

You can agree that America through the moving speech of Trump has just set the pace  for other countries. It has raked up the spirit of patriotism above our primordial nepotism. It has opened our eyes to the fact that "what matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people."

The speech unlocked the mysteries hitherto lurking around us yet invisible.  It demonstrates the power of the will to succeed. It fillips the hope of greatness coming in the way of the Americans. It gingers us to look back at those things we need so much but have missed very much.

We can still bring back those things to make the world a better place. To me, first in the list of "to bring backs" in Nigeria is our value system and intellectual virtues. It is then we can clearly separate the good as Aristotle once did, "as that which is good" from the bad. We need to bring back our patriotic fervour and love for the nation first. We need to bring back our education. Bring back our lost monuments. BRING back our wealth and employment. Bring back our pride. Bring back our Agriculture. Bring back our road network. Bring back our tales by moonlight. Bring back our Kootu Ashipa, Awada Kerikeri on TV etc etc. We have lost all, we need to bring back no girls. With all those in place, even without shouting bring back our girls, our girls would walk back to us smiling.

As for Trump "America will start winning again. Winning like ever before. We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth. We will bring back our dreams".

I agree with Trump, we all have a lot to bring back from the good old days.  Little wonder Donald Trump, the 45th president of America starts by calling for national patriotism day as first official act. Can we copy that if we can't beat it. Happy weekend my country people. You can also add to what you think we need to bring back as a people to move the nation forward. Thanks.

God bless Nigeria.

Written By, Kehinde Isiaka (Mr Ethics)
Principal Officer
The Initiative for Ethics and Value Orientation


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