Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Over Bleached Jim

The overbleached Jim, the still -mind Ken and the carpet crossing of the carpet baggers in the name of Change.

I see them as expired politicians, frayed in the edges. Even without them accepting it they have run to seeds.  Making a heavy weather of their defection to a new party in their dotage is like clapping for an ancient philosopher whose thought has faded with time.

The aim of defectors is to upend and not flower democracy to flourish.  They belong to the past but they refuse to be benched.  They are unwary of the golden future but ever consumed with their inglorious past.  The future belongs to the youths.

Chief Richard Akinjide was in NPN when the party was not in the hearts of many people in the South West region. He was despised by some and cavil led at by others, yet he never shifted his ground. Men of principle stands like a rock at a time of moral crisis. But Democracy as Sam Omatseye noted is not only about taking a right decision, it can be wrong. Just like the decisions of Jim Nwobodo, Ken Nnamani  and others who recently ported to APC from PDP.

Sadly ,here we  are still talking about party differences when the world democracy is people, not party - centered.  As Trump rightly observed in his inaugural speech, it is not about which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people.  In the modern world, people who are always in  the silent majority not the mouthful party icons win elections.

If those who are now jumping ship to APC has any shine to lend to the party why did they leave PDP in utter darkness?  They are not better than a sundial in the stygian darkness. Useless.

As Mahatama Ghandi once said "YOU must be the change you want to see in the world". The sea of deportees are mouthing Change, but it is easier said than done.. Or may be my friend who concluded that defectors are  looking for a buffer zone where their bagful of sins will not be opened is right afterall . Time will tell.

By Isiaka Kehinde (Mr Ethics)
Principal Officer
The Initiative for Ethics and Value Orientation


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