Friday, January 27, 2017

Prophets and the Death of Buhari Prophecy

Men of God and prophecies have a symbiotic relationship once its the turn of a new year.

They just want their congregation to feel the intensity of the arena, when they get consumed by the holy spirit as they claim, they begin to utter all sort of possible predictions as I claim.

The sad part is that all men of God as they claim, all want to get popular so easily, move from their temporary location to a permanent site and finally they get a camp (if its in Nigeria, the best camps are at Lagos - Ibadan express way), where they can have international standards to rip the cash out of their members.

Don't get me wrong, they are whatever you feel they are, but when men of God come all here and make empty predictions like some beer parlour discussions. That's like inviting heavy criticism.

Ok here's the latest one.

A Ghanaian prophet and founder of Glorious Word Ministry International, Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah, reveals his loads of probable happenings for 2017 and they sound like some Nairabet predictions. He also had a lot in stock more like staking a game with #100 and wanting to win #5 million.

"Death of a former president" - 2 (2.43)
"Death of a former first lady" - 2 (2.56)
"Coup d'etat in Ghana.            - 1. (2.20)
"Death of Nigeria's president - 2 (3.21)
"Terrorist attack in Ghana".    -2 (2.34)
"Death of several young men and women
                                                       -1 (1.10)
"Important personalities in parliament will die".                                               -1 (1.22)
"Many people will be kidnapped -1 (1.09)
"innocent blood will be shed in a particular political party".                           -1 (1.10)
"Increase in occult practices"  -1 (1.08)
"Americans will go for war"  - 2 (2.56)
"More Muslim/Christian clashes this year"
                                                      1 (1.04)
"A great king will die".            -2 (2.05)
"Another plane crash in Ghana" -1 (1.05)
"Fire outbreaks in important offices in Ghana".                                       -1 (1.08)
"More celebrities in Ghana to die -1 (1.08)
"NDC to stay in opposition for 16 years
                                                     -1 (2.60)
Total cumulation.                       -- (2,546)
Stake.                                             #500
Accumulator.                                #2,500,600

One game will spoil the fun, if you know what I mean. Or may be. The men of God are the smarter one's when they say "Pray to avert them". In essence they can stake, lose some games and still win the bet. That's genius!


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