Friday, March 31, 2017

Nigerian Senate Passes Amendment To Electoral Act

The Senate Thursday passed amendments to the  Electoral Act 2010, approving the use of electronic voting in future elections.
It also approved that election results should be electronically transmitted to collation centers.

The passage of bill followed the consideration of the report of the Senate Committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on a Bill for an Act to amend the Electoral Act No. 6, 2010 and for other related matters (SB 231 and SB 234).

Major highlights of the new bill include provision for the use of electronic voting by INEC during future elections, use of Card Reader and also gives INEC power to modify the voting process if there is a challenge.

The Senate also approved a provision to enable INEC transmit the result of elections electronically in an encrypted and secured manner to prevent hacking.

To address the incident that happened in Kogi State, during last gubernatorial election, the amended Electoral Act provides that if a candidate dies before results of elections are declared, the results will not only remain valid but belongs to the political party that lost its candidate.

It also added that in such a scenario, the INEC should suspend the elections for 21 days during which period the affected political party will conduct fresh primaries to choose a new candidate.

The Bill also gives political parties power to adopt direct or indirect primaries in choosing their flag bearers, while qualification of disqualification of candidates for elections will be solely based on the Constitution.

In his comments after the adoption of the report by the Red Chamber, Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, thanked his colleagues for a job well done and expressed optimism that the Bill would further improve the nation’s electoral system and also contribute to good governance.

Saraki said: “Distinguished colleagues, let me thank all of you for this job well done. I want to particularly thank the members of the Committee on INEC and particularly the former chairman of the Committee, Abubakar Kyari,  Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and all the members of the committee who have worked very hard to ensure the passage of this very important bill which addresses our electoral process and goes on to strengthen our democracy.

“We have touched on new areas which I believe will improve the credibility of our elections and by so doing, definitely improve our democracy and good governance.

“Most importantly, I think, are some of the new sections we have added, in the area of technology, the smart card reader, and particularly the area of collation which has been an area of great concern.

“Collation of results after the polling units and some of the additions we put on the electronic way by which the compilation of results can be done, I think will go a long way to reduce some of the irregularities we have seen before.

“This is a great work you have been able to put together today and I want to commend everybody. I am also happy that we have passed the amendments very early. My concern has always been that if we don’t do it now, it will get more difficult as we get blowed to the 2019 elections.

“We hope that with this Bill that we have passed, very soon, we will sit together with the House of Representatives to be able to get the copy to the President for assent.

“I think when signed into law, it will enable INEC to have something to work early enough. I think what we have done today will really put our electoral law among the best that we have and it will go a long way in improving our electoral process,” he said.



Sanni Onogu
Chief Press Secretary to the Senate President

Monday, March 27, 2017

In Memory of Hon Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi (1) By Isiaka Kehinde

Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi: the immortal African project (being part of 59th years celebrations of the life and time of Hon Gbadamosi Oduola Adelabu Adegoke (Penkelemesi).

This post is the beginning of a series that is packaged for ten weeks for your weekend delight and comments. It is a collection of worldview aimed at beaming a searchlight on the life of a man who bestrode Africa like a colossus, left so early but has refused to leave our memories. A coronation of moral teachings of those instrumental values that have made the philosophical Penkelemesi an infuential with a significant influence on mankind as well as Critical Evaluation of a meaningful existence that serves as a pointer as to how we can all "be" to "inspire"others.

According to him "to be, is to do".  It will also look in depth into the political value game in contrast with today's political "power game ". Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi like Montesquieu "was born, achieved and died"  His work begun, and advanced to maturity but very much unlike Montesquieu, his was "not finished". His works, cut in his prime, after 59 years of departure, now continue in grand style as his children and grand sires have resolved to keep the flag flying.

Today's edition is captioned " what  the talking drum amplified of the exploits of Adelabu Adegoke Penkelemesi.

It burrowed into the theory of cultural identity and how it grooms the motif for promotion of African understanding of personal values inherent in an "Omoluabi".  

Below are the cultural identity of the man Adegoke Adelabu vividly caught in the language of the drummers of the yester years and the events that spurred such reactions.

"Adelabu Adegoke
      O se falejo , o se fonile
           Adelabu, ibi to ba wa ile re"

This is to eulogise his chivalry and selflessness which has made him "a true torch in the darkness".

"Kosenatu ti bimo (2ce)
       Iyawo  Olope t Adelabu gba
             Kosenatu ti bimo
                    E o ribi (2ce)".

When his only surviving wife Mama Kosenatu gave birth to her first child. It is to praise God for the gift of the new baby and to deride political opponents of Penkelemesi.

"Adelabu A b'oosun ni?
      Oorun we niwaju Adajo"

To wake an apparently fatigued Adelabu during one of his court cases as a mark of solidarity. He won the case.

"Adelabu ko ku o, (2ce)
      Oke Mapo Ladelabu wa
               Adelabu ko ku o"

Saying that Adelabu only relocated to the top of Mapo Hill, not dead. Meaning that it was imponderable to even imagine, not to say, that Adelabu could die like a mere mortal. This shows how steep Adelabu was held in the minds of his teeming admirers.

"Adelabu maa kowo wa na (2ce)
         Igunnu lo ni Tapa,
                Tapa lo ni ogunnu
                        Maa kowo wa na"

Even they say you embezzle our money, you have our consent, go ahead (Adelabu was so loved and appreciated that he was considered to be infallible.

"Adelabu n se be be (2ce)
       Eni ti ko dun mo
            Ko o fori sole,
                 Adelabu n se be be"

Adelabu is Performing wonders, who so ever is disatissfied can knock  his or head against the ground.

"Adelabu Adegoke Penkelemesi (3ce)"

This has till date remained a signature tune to welcome the "Adelabus" into a social  gathering. I noticed this with pleasure when Oloye Adelabu Adebayo Adekola entered the venue of annual memorial / lecture event for the late Penkelemesi  yesterday.


watch out for  series next Sunday  on "the role  of youth as true  Agents of change: Adelabu Adegoke's perspective.

Happy Birthday Wishes To Alhaji Isiaka Kehinde, Mr Ethics

Happy Birthday celebrations to Alh Isiaka Kehinde (Mr Ethics).

A man of exemplary character, intellectual prowess and a meticulous team player who deserves all the accolades on this wonderful day as it marks a day this great ethical figure came to birth.

This day should mark a day to enforce Ethical value in our society, especially in Oyo state, from cradle to adulthood.

He has touched lives no doubt with his beautifully crafted ethically inclined posts and write-ups scattered across the entire media centers. He has imparted in my life in no small ways, unquantifiable and he's not relenting any time soon either. Every day marks a new beginning in his life accomplishments. Not many men are born with such congenital character and discipline to help others during their trying times and pave a way for people to succeed in life and achieve their life goals.

Using the famous Guinness advert phrase; Alhaji Isiaka Kehinde Ethics is a great man.

The 59th Annual Memorial Prayer/Lecture for Adegoke Adelabu

It was a memorable event yesterday at Oke Oluokun in Ibadan at the historic Taj Mahal, Adegoke Adelabu Foundation Headquarters for the 59th year Annual Memorial Prayer/Lecture Events of the sage Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi.

In attendance were top top dignitaries across all ramifications; The Executive Governor of Oyo State Senator Abiola Ajimobi ably represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Oloye Olalekan Ali, also in attendance is the Olubadan of Ibadan Land himself Oba Saliu Adetunji (Aje Ogungunuso (1) ably represented by Oloye 'Lekan Alabi who doubled as the Chairman of Adegoke Adelabu Foundation (AAF) Board.

Welcome address was delivered by the president AAF Executive Council, Alh Nurudeen Adelabu. We were then sent back to the past, the realm of the sage by the Matriarch herself, Alhaja Kosenat Adelabu, the only surviving wife of Adegoke, she eulogized Adelabu Penkelemesi with so much passion like he died few days ago, she also sang beautifully to our listening pleasure.

"Adelabu Adegoke ose falejo ose fonile, Adelabu ibi to ba wa ile're"

Otunba Gbade Oyebanji also raised panegyrics and honors in respect of the sage.

Oloye 'Lekan Alabi pontificated the uniqueness of Taj Mahal and emphasized how the sage stayed in his home even when he attained a national status and didn't envisage relocating unlike our regular politicians.

The lecture was delivered by Prof. S.A. Olagoke and it centered on 'The Roles of Youths in the Promotion of Peace and Progress'.

It capped a memorable event which Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadan Land, Oloye Adelabu Adebayo was notably present and his aura on display was a true indication of his magnificent personality as the scion of the Adegoke Adelabu Dynasty.

Also present at the event was Alh Daud Bashir Yusuf, Alh Isiaka Kehinde, Mr Ibukun Ogunniran and  a host of other dignitaries, where Mr Yinka Adelabu and Prince Olumide Adeniyi were the Chief Hosts of a momentous event.

Adelabu oku o, Adelabu oku o, oke mapo la'delabu wa, Adelabu oku o

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ahmad Ahmad Has Been Elected As New CAF President

Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar has been elected as the new President of the Confederation of African Football today in Addis Ababa.

Ahmad got 34 votes against Issa Hayatou’s who got 20 votes.

The election was held in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Ahmad is the president of the Madagascar Football Federation while Hayatou has been CAF president since 1988.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Lecturer Slaps UNILORIN SUG President

The drama ensued at the UNILORIN C.B.T center when a lecturer from the faculty of Engineering slapped Comrade Shobowale Lukman (Eminent), the Students Union President, while he was mediating on behalf of some students who were inappropriately delayed in writing their exams.

According to report who claim anonymity, it happened around 4:20pm, when some students from the department of Nursing, College of health sciences who have been waiting since 9am, approached the students union president to intercede on their behalf in a bid to write their examinations after a long wait.

The students union president, in the spirit of solidarity, proceeded to the appropriate body with the aim to make dialogue with the exam coordinators, so the 50 Nursing students write their exams to prevent them from missing the bus scheduled to take them back to their faculty.

It was in this process that the Sub-dean, faculty of engineering, Dr. Ajiboye slapped him after he politely approached and introduced himself while trying to meet with the C.B.T Secretary, Dr. Tomori.

Dr. Ajiboye rudely shooed him off and while he (Eminent) stepped aside, to converse with his colleague, the said lecturer approached him and questioned him as to why he decided to murmur after he has spoken and he then slapped him.

We also gathered that this turn of events resulted in an uproar from the students and it took the quick thinking of Students Union president to calm the already angry students who were ready to cause a bigger scene at the center.

Dr. Ajiboye’s action has really violated the ethics of the school, and the situation should be looked into by the disciplinary committee, in a bid to forestall future occurrences.

While we spoke to some students, who witnessed the scene, many described it as an ”aberration and injustice” on the part of the lecturer, as that would not be the first time such act would be perpetrated by either teaching and non-teaching staffs of the school.

A Feast of Colour As Hindus Celebrates Holi In India

Holi , the festival of colours, marks the beginning of spring in India.

One of the biggest Hindu festivals,  Holi holds a mythological importance - that of the triumph of good over evil. It is also associated with the eternal love of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha.

The festival of Holi brings together people of all classes and ages, who sing and dance, hand out sweets, and splash colours over friends and loved ones.

Here below are more wonderful pictures from the festival.

Pictures courtesy Aljazeera;

Monday, March 06, 2017

Trump Signs Revised Executive Order On Immigrants Travel Ban

President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order on Monday banning citizens from six Muslim-majority nations from traveling to the United States but removing Iraq from the list, after his controversial first attempt was blocked in the courts.

According to REUTERS, the new order, which takes effect on March 16, keeps a 90-day ban on travel to the United States by citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. It applies only to new visa applicants, meaning some 60,000 people whose visas were revoked under the previous order will now be permitted to enter.

Immigration advocates said the new ban still discriminated against Muslims and failed to address some of their key concerns with the previous order. Legal experts said it would, however, be harder to challenge because it affects fewer people living in the United States and allows more exemptions to protect them.

Trump, who first proposed a temporary travel ban on Muslims during his presidential campaign last year, had said his original Jan. 27 executive order was a national security measure meant to head off attacks by Islamist militants.

It sparked chaos and protests at airports, where visa holders were detained and later deported back to their home countries. It also drew criticism from targeted countries, Western allies and some of America's leading corporations before a U.S. judge suspended it on Feb. 3.

The 30 Richest Countries In The World

Some of the smallest countries in the world continue to dominate the list of the world's richest countries, an analysis by Global Finance Magazine shows.

The ranking was published in February 2017 and based on data from the International Monetary Fund.

The magazine ranked the world's countries according to their gross domestic product (GDP) based on purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita.

The PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries to compare living standards among the different nations.

The small countries that dominate the top ten all have small populations compared to countries that lead the world purely in terms of GDP — such as the United States, China, or Germany.

Most of these small nations heavily depend on immigrant workers who often do not reside in the country they are working in or are not granted resident status, and are therefore not counted in the GDP per capita calculations.

15 of the 30 richest countries in the world are in Europe, while big some big economies such as the US, Japan, and Canada also made the cut.

The GDP per capita listed represents the amount of wealth produced in 2016 and is expressed in international dollars.

1. Qatar

Current International Dollars:  129,512

2. Luxembourg

Current International Dollars:  100,991

3. Macao

Current International Dollars:  87,845

4. Singapore

Current International Dollars:  86,854

5. Brunei Darussalam

Current International Dollars:  77,662

6. Kuwait

Current International Dollars:  70,587

7. Ireland

Current International Dollars:  69,374

8. Norway

Current International Dollars:  69,031

9. United Arab Emirates

Current International Dollars:  67,947

10. San Marino

Current International Dollars:  64,465

Others are:





Hong Kong



United States



Saudi Arabia







































United Kingdom











And of course, Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa is rated 130th with Current International Dollars worth 5,929.


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