Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Terrorism Against Islam

Terrorism Against Islam!
As ironically as it sounds, it is nutmegged in the present reality of the day. It goes a long way to contradict the popular opinion of the people on terrorism and it needs some moment of clarity, rehabilitation and gradual sensitization before people can re-identify with terrorism as a non Islamic sect.

The reality of this melodrama is gradually dawning on the Islamic critics turn cynics who bask on the euphoria of ignorantly criticizing the religious and ascribing it with terrorism or succintly put, how else do you identify with the recent trend of bombings and sporadical gun shooting in mosques and Islamic communities.

Only this morning, we woke up to the sad news of a bombing of a mosque in Maiduguri. The incident took place in the wee hour of the morning at Dalori quarter in a mosque opposite the University of Maiduguri when the Muslim faithfuls were observing their morning prayers.

Sad as it may, the tragic incident which entirely contradicts the porous minds of the non conformists who believe Islam and terrorism are synonymous and it will hence go a long to advocate the selfless services of the United Nations, African Union, European Union et al, at making sure there is even a stronger awareness campaign against global terrorism and it delineation from Islam as a religious.

In another related incident, this time in Canada, they was a mosque shooting at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center during the evening prayers on sunday by some terrorist gang who ended up killing about 6 people leaving many scathed and breathing on life support.

The fight against terrorism is by no mean a fight against an Islamic sect but a fight against the misguided group who believe in cold blood murder as a mean to drive their opinion or belief to the world at large. Some  of their leaders cannot even recite a verse in the Quran.

Sadly, people like this still exist and they propel their interest by adopting this evil and uncivil act of savagery, thereby bringing fear and vulnerability upon the people.

Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau comments also deserves some mentioning here, where he was directly speaking to the over 1 million Muslims living in his country that "We are with you". He went further to say "Thirty-six million hearts are breaking with yours, know that we value you".

If national leaders, religious principals, heads of monarchs and the rest of us can unite and shower such passionate thought across to victims of this ungodly incidents, then I see the world truly uniting to counter global terrorism.

Until then, may God help us!


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