Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mistaken Bomb in IDP Camp

Someone asked that; does Nigeria even have a fighter jet?

It's unexplainable how that accident ever occurred or may be it isn't an accident?

However way the military tries to beam the fatal error and make a public pronouncement on the incident is another line to anticipate in the nearest future.

Completely unfathomable, my question is this; Will this fatal error by the Nigerian military be recorded in respect with the violation of the human right law by the international community?

My honest opinion?

The United Nations and other bodies at large need to sanction the Nigerian military on this grave erroneous misdeed. Heads need to roll, people need to lose their jobs and whatever arousing contempt within the affairs of government or the military forces need to be revealed and counteracted upon.

This cidal act should not just be treated like one of those news or tragic incident that spring up daily in the country. The president has a huge responsibility to obtain credible information surrounding the tragic incident.

I share my deep condolences with the families of the lost souls and the injured one's, who have so become double victims of bomb blasts from the North Eastern region of the country. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

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