Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LAUTech Strike and the Panacea of a Repeat

As the students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso (LAUTech) prepare for the school's resumption come Friday, 27th January, 2017 after a long strike action of about 8 months, it's imperative to look explicitly into details and reasons why the action occurred and offer solutions.

Good news for a great institution, the citadel of learning and a great reminder of what the Old Oyo Empire used to be in power and land mass. But it's also a compunction that it is explicitly a reminder of the remote cause of a dispute that holds to degenerate the reputation and legacy of the great institution.

In my honest opinion, this dispute will repeat itself, since the remote cause of the dispute between the two states have still not been attended to.

Each state with its varying individual short and long term policy, IGR, monthly and annual expenditure and what have you. These factors will come into play at every instances and it will determine a great deal of their contributions to the growth of the institution. These factors will arouse contempt and indifferences which MAY in the nearest future bring about a repeat of this type of closure and strike action.

The best institutions in the world are controlled by private entity less owned by two governors, so despicable. I can't cease to wonder, how do two states own a university? Unheard of anywhere else! Also, these are not the best times to throw blames or a time to adjudge a party guilty but a time to hold steadfast to sanity and offer swift panacea to this untimely event.

Right at a time the school is preparing for their examinations. The root of the matter ought to be addressed discreetly to forbid future occurrence.

The future of our youths should not be a game or a toy story. Governments need to have a concrete structure on ground to exterminate a future contingency. If they can't uphold the standard of the institution, they better find an avenue to sell it off to a proper body or organisation that is capable of running the financial affairs of the institution properly.

Considering the state of the nation's economy amid terrorism, militancy, religious war, tribal war et al, we need to take great decisions of carrying out proper actions to salvage what is left of our numerous national heritages.


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