Thursday, January 26, 2017

Buhari As A Principal Actor To Effect A Change

Great leaders are made not burn. At least that goes a long way to explain some level of disturbing facts about our President's apotheosis of leadership.

To drift a little, its no news expressing the brisk with which American president Donald Trump has sprung into action. He has covered grounds and channeled his motivation to his campaign promises borne out of his consciousness and commitment to his people's desires.

He is leaving no stone unturned in achieving his set goals and for most readers who will be wondering what exactly has he done already to effect this rhetorics. A whole lot I tell you, from pulling down climate change and LGBT page from the white house website to freezing the FG hirings. He recently promised to cut down on regulations and corporate taxes, he his looking to pull out of NAFTA, he has formally withdrawn from TPP, following his party legacy; he has placed ban on international abortion counseling and thorough review of the methodology of Health Insurance scheme better known as Obamacare, he initiated moves to erect the wall on their neighbor Mexico et al.

Back to the matter of discussion, our very own Mohammadu Buhari has not lived up to the popular surmise, he has failed to ply the path layed down by his election campaign promises since his inauguration day of about 20 months ago.

He has failed woefully to clamp down on corruption, he has not been able to prosecute adequately all the charged victims. He has failed to obey the rule of law especially on some selected culprits. He has yet to arrest completely fears of terrorism and suicide bombers trolling down the North Eastern part of the country.

His age and experiences which are supposed to be adds on and bonuses sort of, are nowhere visible to the eyes especially at handling sensitive matters that can arouse tensions and incite war, secessions and civil unrest, he has not been helpful with the way he's attending to the case of the IPOB, the Northern Kaduna crises between the Christians and the Muslims which have no doubt threatened to cause public unrest and invite so many chaos.

It is sickening that he has not come to the aid of the average Nigerian with the complete economic meltdown ravaging the common man to pieces. He has not come on par with his election promises and its almost two years on. What plan do you have within a year to the next elections?
It's argument only for the dissent mind to counter argue, but it does not deny the de facto truth that he has performed below expectation.

He methods of governance have been lopsided and incoherent, he has protected his aids and loyalists from the gruesome reach of the different national security agencies.

There's a Yoruba maxim that says "a saturday that will be merry would have been observed on a friday". Things are already beyond control and grip of this present government, it needs a total reform and a think outside the box approach at the moment.

Like Albert Einstein famously exclaimed that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results". He's been on it for almost two years now, at the pace of a snail,  and he's no where ready to change his approach either.

I still see a green light at the end of this nation's tunnel but not with this present government. They have lost it completely, sadly no positive change will come about this way only a rainfall of hardship like he is presently overseeing. A government where hardship is the order of the day.


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