Friday, May 22, 2015

Boy, 11, Graduates From California College With 3 Degrees

A California boy, 11, just graduated from college with three degrees. Tanishq Abraham says his dreams are to become a doctor, a Nobel Prize-winning medical researcher, and President of the United States.
Abraham graduated from American River College in Sacramento, possibly the youngest graduate in the college’s 60-year history.

The assumption is that he’s the all-time youngest,” American River College spokesman Scott Crow told NBC Bay Area on Thursday. “But we don’t have all the archives to completely confirm. He was definitely the youngest this year.”
I like to learn,” he told KTXL following the graduation ceremony. “So I just followed my passion of learning, and that’s how I ended up here.”
Tanishq was home-schooled by his mother Taji, a veterinarian who reportedly took a break from her own PhD studies to teach him. Last year, at age 10, he satisfied all the state requirements and graduated high school.

We did it as a family, as teamwork,” said Taji Abraham. “And I was just cheering, I was just crying there when I saw Tanishq walk down the stage.”
Intellect apparently runs in the family. His father, Bijou Abraham, had a perfect math score on his SAT. He is a Cornell University graduate and software engineer. Tanishq’s younger sister Tiara, 9, is also a prodigy; both children joined Mensa International at the age of four.
Even in kindergarten,” Taji Abraham said, Tanishq “was a few years ahead. It just went from there.”
Tanishq started taking classes at American River College when he was 7. According to KNTV, he had enough credits for associate’s degrees in mathematics and physical science, general science and language studies.
The boy’s summer plans include taking an eight-week Calculus II course, and a family vacation. His long-term goals include attending Stanford University, becoming a doctor, winning a Nobel Prize in medicine, and becoming President of the United States.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

High Level Of Lead Found In Noodles In India

Indian food inspectors have ordered Nestle India to recall a batch of Maggi noodles from shops in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, saying the product contains high levels of lead.

The state's Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) said excess levels of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) were also found in tests on two dozen packets. Maggi, the two-minute instant noodles, are hugely popular in India.

Nestle India has denied that their noodles are unsafe or unhealthy. The company, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Nestle SA, said it had strict safety and quality controls in place.

"We do not add MSG to Maggi Noodles, and glutamate, if present, may come from naturally occurring sources. We are surprised with the content supposedly found in the sample as we monitor the lead content regularly as a part of the regulatory requirements," it said.

But FDA officials in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh state, said all the packets they tested were contaminated. "Maggi instant noodles contained dangerous amounts of lead and MSG. We had to immediately issue orders against the company," news agency Reuters quoted DG Srivastava, deputy inspector general of the FDA in Lucknow, as saying.

They said they found lead nearly seven times the permissible limit. MSG is commonly used as a flavour enhancer for Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and meat but experts say too much of it can cause headaches, chest pain and nausea. Consumed over a long period of time, it can damage the nervous system.

Social Media Commentator Eric Amodu Blast Tuface Idibia

A social media commentator, Mr Eric Amodu has taken a swipe at his 2face Idibia, after the popular singer blasted the PDP led administration for the past 16yrs.
He said the music super star lacked the moral ground to criticise the PDP since he too was a beneficiary of their perfidious rule.
See his comments below:
Too bad you threw the bomb at yourself on this. You are my friend but the truth must be told. 
Question 1. Name a single soul you’ ve ever helped? 
Question 2. Why did your fellow childhood friends deserted you? 
Question 3. What have you given back to the society that made u? 

Infact lets go deeper
First of all, OJB produced you and brought you to limelight and even gave you a song for free without you paying a dime. But you threw your back at him when the world were rallying round to save his life. Not even a dime from you when lesser musicians gave their widows mite.

No any Idoma sons could say he’s on your scholarship list yet you have the mouth to talk back at the people that you helped in eating from their states’ funds. You ate the resources meant for Benue State during Akume days in PDP as a governor when he bought you a Camry.
How about Donald Duke when he was the PDP governor of cross Rivers State? He lavished the state resources for you and still paid 20 million naira just to reunite the plantation boiz yet you have the guts to say PDP did nothing? Better still, you for reject all the money. Akwa-Ibom state governor under the PDP-led government lavished the money meant for the state to sponsor your wedding. Why didn’t you kick against it when he gave you eight jeeps and sponsored several people to Dubai just to attend your wedding?
Jolly Nyame wasted th state resources on you and you practically abandoned Lagos for Taraba just because you began to taste the juicy side of unmerited resources from government coffers. Don’t forget… when you sang ” I de feel like so so so and so person… because you de spend for me.” Over 70% of the names you mentioned were PDP people you joined in eating away the future of their states.

Brother man, sorry to say this… you don’t even stand the moral ground where conscience speaks to talk about PDP. I would love Banky W, the little Davido that just started, Ice Prince, Don Jazzy and so many others to talk because they don’t dine with the PDP (source TMB)

Davido Becomes A Father

In the early hours of today (19 May) Ovation publisher Dele Momodu took to his Instagram page to congratulate Davido as he welcomed his first child. His baby mama Sophie Momodu is actually Dele’s niece. 

Sophie Momodu gave birth to a daughter.

The media mogul wrote:

Warmest congratulations to Mr David Adeleke David and my cousin SOPHIE MOMODU on the birth of your beautiful daughter... --- --- Sent by WhatsApp

May God always provide for you and protect your family... Stay blessed... --- --- Sent by WhatsApp

A lot of people were confused when Davido posted abpicture of a hand holding a baby on his Instagram page but now we know why!

Congrats to both of them!

God is Great , New life, New beginnings, New Album ,bt's our year. ❤️

Kim K Admits Making The First Move On Dating Kanye

Kanye West has made no secret of the fact that he had feelings for his now wife Kim Kardashian long before they finally got together in 2012. And although it was widely assumed Kanye had pursued Kim following the breakdown of her marriage to Kristen Humphries in October 2011, the 34-year-old reality TV star has now revealed she actually did all the chasing.

Speaking on Access Hollywood , she said:  'I think it was six months after I was newly single in like 2012, I was like why not? Like, what am I waiting for?' Kim added: 'I called [Kanye] because I'm sure it was really hurtful that I got married and, even though it's not like we communicated all the time, I knew what he was thinking.

'I thought he was going to call me as soon as he knew that I was single again. He didn't, and so I called him and I said, "Hello? I thought you were at least going to call me and say I told you so, something?" 'And then - he's always been a good friend to me, like, we've always been there for each other - then he invited me to a fashion show of his in Paris and I went, and then the magic happened.'

Admitting she was hesitant to throw herself into another relationship so quickly after her marriage, she said: 'But then in my head I was like, "You know what? Screw it. Like, this is probably what I've been waiting for, it's been in front of my face.'"

Speaking about their road to happiness, Kim - who has a 23-month-old daughter North with Kanye - said: 'When I first met [Kanye], we worked on a project together and there was definitely a spark, but we were in other relationships and we kept our distance. 'We stayed in touch here and there and then when he wasn't in relationships, you know, it's just our timing would always not really coincide.

The pair first met in 2004 when Kim was married to DamonbThomas. They became friendly but didn't date. Kanye has said that when he saw a photograph of her showing off her toned legs next to then best friend Paris Hilton during a visit to Australia in 2006, his heart started to go pitter-patter, but nothing happened.

In September 2007 the friends ran into each other at the Intermix party in Beverly Hills. He still had a thing for the Armenia beauty, but he was seeing designer Alexis Phifer, who he started dating in 2002 and became engaged to in 2006. Kim had just started seeing football player Reggae Bush.

After he split from Alexis in 2008, the Gone hit-maker hooked up with model Amber Rose. Kim and Kanye saw each other again at the Y-3 show in New York City in February 2009 - where Kim was with Reggie as she sat next to actress Milla Jovovich and an uncomfortable-looking Kanye.

On Kris Jenner's short-lived talk show, the rapper admitted he developed an intense attraction to the star around this time. 'I just dreamed about being next to her,' he confessed, also admitting that he would draw himself in next to Kim on the Kardashian family Christmas card. Kim split from Reggie for good in 2010 and Kanye split from Amber that same year.

Though they looked happy during a talk at her NYC DASH store on October 4 and then her 30th birthday party aboard a yacht in the Manhattan harbor on October 21, Kim had been seeing another football player, Mike Austin.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Barack Obama And Bill Clinton Exchange Cheeky Tweets

President Barack Obama started a new Twitter account on Monday and appears to be making the most of it — with an assist from one of his predecessors.

Former President Bill Clinton reacted to the news with a not-so-subtle reference to his wife's presidential campaign. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seeking to replace Obama at the end of 2016, and the former president suggested a "friend" might be interested in his new "@POTUS" account:

Welcome to @Twitter , @POTUS ! One 
question: Does that username stay with
the office? #askingforafriend

Bill Clinton (@billclinton) May 18, 2015

For his part, Obama embraced the response and suggested Bill Clinton might be eyeing the "@FLOTUS" account for himself after the campaign: Good question, @billclinton . The handle comes with the house. Know anyone interested in @FLOTUS ?

President Obama (@POTUS) May 18, 2015

According to the White House, Obama's latest tweets are personal and "exclusively coming from him."

"The @POTUS Twitter account will serve as a new way for President Obama to engage directly with the American people, with tweets coming exclusively from him," The White House's Alex Wall explained in a Monday morning blog post. "President Obama is committed to making his Administration the most open and
participatory in history, and @POTUS will give Americans a new venue to engage on the issues that matter most to them."

President Barack Obama Finally Opens An Official Twitter Account

Barack Obama finally has his own Twitter account . The president sent his first tweet out Monday morning saying, "Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account."

The @POTUS account (that's President of the United States) quickly garnered nearly half a million followers in a matter of hours. After sending his first message, Obama followed the official White House account, then his wife. The first lady has been active on Twitter since 2013 under the username @FLOTUS. He also followed former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, several government accounts, and the Chicago Blackhawks and White Sox.

Obama's Twitter bio reads "Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States," and discloses that "Tweets may be archived." While his avatar is a standard headshot, he chose to use an image of himself and his family crossing Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, with civil rights leaders on the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in March.

"The @POTUS Twitter account will serve as a new way for President Obama to engage directly with the American people, with tweets coming exclusively from him," Alex Wall, Deputy Director of Online Engagement at the White House explained in a blog post . "President Obama is committed to making his Administration the most open and participatory in history, and @POTUS will give Americans a new venue to engage on the issues that matter most to them."

While Barack Obama will be tweeting from @POTUS while in office, the account will be passed on to future presidents once Obama's term is up. Interestingly, @POTUS's first tweet appears to have been sent from an iPhone, as can be seen from the image above. The revelation raises an interesting question, given that Obama is a well known Blackberry fan. Did he switch to iPhone? Or does he simply have a separate iPhone for tweeting.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Climbing legend Dean Potter killed In Yosemite BASE Jump Attempt

Veteran climber Dean Potter is one of two BASED jumpers who have been found dead in Yosemite National Park after attempting a descent from Taft Point, authorities said.

The two men's bodies were discovered during a helicopter search around noon Sunday, said Scott Gediman, a spokesman for the park. Potter, 43, and Graham Hunt, 29, were reported missing Saturday by friends, Gediman said. The two had jumped from Taft Point into Yosemite Valley, a descent of roughly 3,500 feet.

It wasn't immediately clear what had caused their jump to go fatally wrong. The pair are believed to have jumped together, but were reportedly found at different points.

The magazine Outside reported on its website that Potter and Hunt were attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point. 

BASE jumping is illegal in Yosemite Park.

BASE is an acronym that stands for building, antenna, span and earth.

These Series Of Earthquakes Could Signal A Volcanic Eruption

A series of earthquakes and shifting ground on the slopes of Kilauea have scientists wondering what will happen next at one of the world's most active volcanos.

A lake of lava near the summit of Kilauea on Hawaii's Big Island had risen to a record-high level after a recent explosion. But in the past few days, the pool of molten rock began sinking, and the surface of the lava lake fell nearly 500 feet.
Meanwhile, a rash of earthquakes rattled the volcano with as many as 20 to 25 quakes per hour, and scientists' tilt meters detected that the ground was deforming.
"Clearly the lava, by dropping out of sight, it has to be going somewhere," said Steven Brantley, deputy scientist in charge of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey.
One possibility is that a new lava eruption could break through the surface of the mountain, Brantley said.
Right now, there are two active eruptions on Kilauea. One is the eruption spewing into the lava lake in the Halemaumau Crater, which is visible in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The other is Puu Oo vent, in Kilauea's east rift zone, which sent fingers of lava toward the town of Pahoa before stopping outside a shopping center last year.
The flurry of earthquakes that peaked in intensity Friday have been rattling Kilauea's southwest rift zone, so it's possible that a new eruption could occur southwest of the Halemaumau Crater, or even in the crater itself, Brentley said. Or, the tilting, shifting ground could lead to nothing.
"We don't know what the outcome of this activity might be," Brantley said. "That is the challenge, is trying to interpret what this activity really means in terms of the next step for Kilauea."
An eruption on the southwest side wouldn't pose a threat to the population, because the area is generally closed to the public and there aren't any structures.
The earthquake activity had slowed Saturday morning, and scientists were continuing to watch the volcano closely, Brantley said.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saido Mane Grabs Fastest Hat-Trick In English Premier League History

Senegalese star Sadio Mane took just two minutes and 56 seconds to score the quickest hat-trick in English Premier League history in his side's 6-1 rout of Aston Villa Saturday.

The pacey winger took advantage of Villa's defensive disarray to beat the previous best, the four minute 33 second triple by former Liverpool star Robbie Fowler against Arsenal in 1994.

Mane, a £10 million ($15.7m) signing from Red Bull Salzburg last year, opened his account in the 13th minute when he seized on a flick by Graziano Pelle and evaded two Villa defenders before finding the net via a lucky rebound off goalkeeper Shay Given.

It was to get worse for Villa as Ron Vlaar's misjudged backpass was intercepted by Shane Long, who found Mane for his second. The hat-trick goal showed Mane's quality as he curled home a shot from outside the penalty area.

Villa was five down inside 38 minutes as Long then helped himself to a double. Christian Benteke pulled one back for Villa just before halftime, but after the break Ronald Koeman's team added a sixth through Pelle off an assist from man of the Match Mane.

The 23-year-old professed his surprise when told about his new record. "Really? It is the fastest Premier League hat-trick? The most important thing today is the victory," he said. Koeman, whose unheralded side is closing on a Europe League place, was full of admiration for Mane. "It was incredible from Sadio Mane. A player like him, to get that kind of space, he will punish you," said the Dutchman.

The fastest hat-trick in English football was set by James Hayter when he scored three times in two minutes and 20 seconds after coming on as a late substitute for Bournemouth in a third tier match against Wrexham in 2004.

Evander Holyfield And Mitt Romney Rumble In Salt Lake

Hopping around shirtless in a pair of red silk trunks, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faced off against five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield for a boxing match in Salt Lake City on Friday. Few would have predicted the spectacle three years ago, when Romney was looking more presidential and his opponent was President Barack Obama. The bout raised money for CharityVision, an organization that provides surgeries to heal blindness.

For two rounds, Romney, 68, and Holyfield, 52, went head- to-head, each landing gentle blows that appeared more like a tickle fight than a boxing match. Although Holyfield took a tumble on the mat, Romney threw in the towel in the second round. The bout didn't reach Foreman vs. Ali levels of sports history, but the sight of the last runner-up in the race for the White House dancing his way around a ring elevated it to must-watch status.

Before the main event, Romney trained with the Fuller Brothers Boxing Gym -- with Holyfield's help. On fight night, he walked into the ring in a red robe while the
song "I Will Survive" blared over the sound system. His wife, Ann, joined him, wearing a Batman baseball cap turned sideways. Since it was a friendly event for charity, Romney knew Holyfield wouldn't smack him silly.

"The good news is that Evander Holyfield always hits above the belt, and sometimes in politics that isn't the way things are done," Romney said. The day before the fight, the duo met for a traditional stare- down ceremony, where Romney weighed in at 179 pounds. His opponent registered 236 pounds on the scale. "He's the oldest person that I ever fought. He's the smallest person I ever fought," Holyfield said. "I've got a lot of respect for that."

During the match, the former Massachusetts governor ducked and dodged his way around Holyfield's mighty-yet- restrained arms, and even got a few soft blows in himself. "For a man who's never got in the ring to box, he can throw a jab," Holyfield said. "He can move around. I was impressed." In 2012, Romney would never have dreamed of climbing into the ring with a former heavyweight champion. It would not have been seemly for a candidate seeking high office.

Plus, the Romneys did not highlight their charitable endeavors. Fast forward through an unsuccessful presidential bid, plus a brief flirtation with a 2016 run, and the Romney family appears to be more comfortable in a casual spotlight. "The whole thing makes me laugh," Ann Romney said before the match, chuckling. "Mitt might write, like, a fantastic editorial about the Iran nuclear deal and how troubling it might be, and nobody reads it. But he's going to step in the ring with Evander Holyfield and, like, the whole world knows."

Ann highlighted her husband's extensive training, which included lifting some of his grandchildren. Then there's the annual Romney Olympics, where the family competes in challenges like biking, swimming and hammering nails into a board. "With the Romney Olympics now, it used to be that Mitt would lose to all the boys and that he'd beat all the girls," she said. "Now he's losing to the girls, so I'm not sure how much that's going to help him."

It's all for a good cause. The charity is run by Mitt's son, Josh Romney. It's aiming to raise $1 million from the event, which would cover 40,000 surgeries to help the blind. Meanwhile, Ann has a full slate of charitable causes that are all her own, including the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Disease. She has set a goal of raising $50 million for the center. She also has a memoir set to release this fall, with the proceeds to benefit the center.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Defends The Deleting Of Ukrainian Fb Posts

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has responded to Ukrainians' complaints about "unfair" deleting and blocking of their Facebook posts and accounts. The tech boss says they were too hateful.

In a Thurdsay Q&A session, Zuckerberg dismissed claims of Russian influence being behind the blockings. He was responding to a complaint that had garnered almost 50,000 likes.

As an example of unfair blocking, the complaint post used the picture of a Ukrainian soldier's daughter, which, he said, was reported as containing nudity. The picture, while showing nothing of the kind, was accompanied by hate speech directed at Russia's President Putin. Zuckerberg said the " nudity" tag was a software glitch, and the post was indeed taken down for hate speech.

"We don't allow content that is overtly hateful, contains ethnic slurs, or incites violence," Zuckerberg said about the blockings. " There were a few posts that tripped that rule, and I think we did the right thing according to our policies by taking down that content ."

The social network's founder said he had "done some research" prior to answering, and he was adamant the takedowns were not politically motivated. He also denied there was any Russian involvement in the moderation of the Ukrainian posts. In fact, there is no such thing as a " Russian Facebook office " mentioned in some of the complaints. Posts from both Russia and Ukraine are moderated in Ireland.

Earlier, Russian opposition blogger Anton Nossik accused "Kremlin bots" of leading a cyber-war against "unwanted " posts. He said they spam the moderators with reports about the posts, and "an English-speaking website moderator who doesn’t read Russian and doesn’t understand the situation concludes the post really does violate some community guidelines ."

Doctors Left Mobile Phone Inside Woman After Caesarean Section

A mother who delivered her son by caesarean section says she was left with a mobile phone inside her body when she was sewn back up. Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, 36, underwent caesarian section at a private hospital in Jordan giving birth to a baby boy weighing 10lbs 8ozs.

However, after the new mother experienced abdominal vibrations, her family rushed her to the public Al Bashir hospital where doctors allegedly found the foreign object and removed the phone. Her mother, Majeda Abdul Hamid, told reporters: ‘My daughter suffered serious pains and could not move. ‘I brought her back to the hospital where she was treated but nothing was done for her.’

The Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman, Hatem Al Azrae, was reported by Gulf News dismissing the claim as a ‘baseless and a fabricated one’.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gambia President Promises To Slit Homosexuals' Throat If caught

The president of the tiny African nation of The Gambia has reportedly threatened to kill any homosexuals in his country, adding to his long-time record of cracking down on homosexuality.

"If you do it [in The Gambia] I will slit your throat," President Yahya Jammeh said in a public speech in the Wolf language, cited by VICE News. "If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it." He reportedly spoke in the town of Farafeni, while on an agriculural tour of his country.

Jammeh's reference to "white people" was likely a nod to the European Union, which in December 2014 cut off some €13 million of humanitarian aid for The Gambia due to its poor human rights record. The only aid the African nation is
receiving now comes from Middle Eastern states. The EU's aid freeze came after in November, Jammeh signed a law on "aggravated homosexualism". It introduced life imprisonment for homosexual men and women who are sentenced for repeating the "offence", or who are HIV- positive or sick with AIDS. 

Homosexuality was outlawed in the country even before that, punishable by up to 14 years behind bars. This is by far not the first time Jammeh has lashed out at
homosexuals. Last February, he called them "vermin" and vowed to fight them "like malaria-causing mosquitoes". And back in 2008, he advised them to flee the Gambia, saying he would otherwise chop their heads off.

Yahya Jammeh, who came to power in the 1.9-million strong nation through a 1996 coup, survived an overthrow attempt himself in December 2014. The alleged conspirators, two of whom are US citizens, wanted "to restore democracy to the Gambia and to improve the lives of its people," according to the US Department of Justice. Jammeh is known not only for his crusade on homosexuality and crackdown on freedom of speech, but also for some rather extravagant statements. These include putting the blame for his aunt's 1999 death on "sorcerers," and Jammeh's 2007 claims he could cure HIV/AIDS with herbs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yaya Toure On Racism: Monkey Chants Can Break You

It's not the first time he has been asked the question and it probably won't be the last, but it never gets any easier to answer. How does Yaya Toure feel when football fans are directing monkey chants at him?

The Manchester City midfielder, who plays for the Ivory Coast, detailed Tuesday the emotional turmoil he always felt between wanting to play on and refusing to be subjected to those chants by walking off the pitch.

"It's difficult to deal with that," he said recalling the abuse he had been subjected to by CSKA Moscow fans in 2013. "As a sportsman, you want to finish the game but when you hear that [monkey chants], it breaks you. It's not easy to experience that," added Toure, who was helping FIFA launch its Anti-Discrimination Monitoring System at Wembley in London.

"If we aren't confident at the World Cup, coming to Russia, we don't come," Toure said immediately after that game, though he was in a more conciliatory mood on Tuesday. FIFA will send independent observers trained by FARE, the European anti-discrimination organisation, to matches that are deemed "higher risk", such as games involving national teams comprised of players from various ethnic backgrounds -- England, France and Germany -- explained the world governing body's Head of Sustainability Frederick Addiechi.

The 'monitors', will report any incidents directly to FIFA, which will then be able to sanction punishments of fines or stadium closures to any sporting body they find guilty.

Toure says he is pleased that decisive action could now be taken. "I'm very satisfied to see that FIFA is taking this issue very seriously and putting in place concrete measures to stop behavior which goes against the spirit of our sport," explained the Ivorian.

"We have to take sanctions," added Toure. "Something strong has to be done, to show they have to stop." "Football is about togetherness and happiness. We need to show them that they need to change or they will face radical sanctions.

Mark Rothko Painting Sold For $46.5 million

A Mark Rothko painting sold for $46.5 million at a Sotheby's auction in New York, an evening in which several records were set including one for a work by German artist Sigmar Polke. 
The Rothko work "Untitled, (Yellow and Blue)", measuring 2.42 meters by 1.86 meters (about eight feet by 6.1 feet) and completed in 1954, had been estimated at between $40 and $60 million.
It was one of the star pieces of this evening of auctions of contemporary works, including one by Roy Lichtenstein entitled "The Ring". Sotheby's had expected it would go for $50 million but in the end it sold for $41.69 million.
Another highlight of the sale, "Abstraktes Bild" by Germany's Gerhard Richter, was auctioned for $28.25 million, just under its pre-sale estimate of $30 million.
None of these three set a record.
But several other artists did set records for sales at auction, including Polke. His painting "Dschungel" (1967) went for $27.13 million, three times the previous price for one of his works, according to Sotheby's.
Prior to the auction it had been estimated at around $20 million -- a hefty sum for an artist Sotheby's said was virtually unknown until 2011.
A huge painting by Christopher Wool, "Riot", went for $29.93 million, compared to a pre-sale estimate of $12 million to $18 millions -- a record for a living American artist.
American Mark Grotjahn, 47, also broke his own record with a work called "Untitled (Into and Behind the Green Eyes of the Tiger Monkey Face)". It went for $6.52 million, twice the upper end of its initial forecast range. 
Sotheby's also sold several works by Andy Warhol, including "Superman", which went for $14.36 million (estimated at $6-$8 million) and "Mao" for $14.4 million. It had been estimated at $13-$16 million.
These estimates do not include costs and fees, unlike the final auction prices.
On Monday a Picasso oil painting, "The Women of Algiers (Version 0)," smashed records for sales at auction by going for $179 million.
It was the highest price paid for any work of art sold at auction, Christie's said,
The auction continues Wednesday in New York with sales of contemporary art at Christie's, followed Thursday with sales of impressionist and modern art. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top 20 Multitaskers Who Probably Do Not Have Time To Waste

There aren't too many people who can multitask properly without failing everything. Multitaskers are looked at with awe because it's nice to save time all while finishing up all of the things you had on your plate. 

These multitaskers, however, are ridiculous and hilarious. Some of these people could have waited at a more opportune time to do the extra three or four things they were doing and focus on more important not crashing into the person in front of them. While others will leave you oddly impressed with the work they can do with other appendages like their feet...and with things like duct tape.

Don't try some of these at home, kids. And by kids, I'm looking at all of you grown adults.

1. He got sick of the car radio

2. He was so excited, he had to tweet about it

3. As if you don't already spend hours in there

4. This kitty is one educated little guy

5. Well, as long as he gets potty trained I guess

6. She's going to be a great multitasking mom

7. That is one flexible tall man

8. He's selfish...yet still a really good friend

9. Just keeping everyone in line

10. He's not wasting any time

11. This man just can't get enough of his shisha

12. "Mom! I'm currently doing a front- flip and dunking!"

13. Bus driver level: Turkish

14. My load of cash is on - her listening to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

15. Napping on the way back home after a long day of elementary school is the greatest

16. Driving level: American

17. She has more pressing matters to attend to

18. The cops would have a field day with this guy

19. Modern Parenting Hack: how to relax and be lazy all while still playing with your kids

20. She probably thinks that this is a good idea now; wait till she removes the duct tape

North Korea Publicly Executes The Defense Chief

North Korea has publicly executed the country's defense minister after the regime accused him of treason, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Hyon Yong Chol was killed by firing squad using an anti- aircraft gun at a military school in front of hundreds of people in Pyongyang around April 30, the agency reported, citing a media briefing by the National Intelligence Service at its headquarters in Seoul.

Hyon "was purged for lese majeste" because he was seen "dozing off" during a military event and "did not carry out Kim's instructions," the agency said. It wasn't clear what instructions Hyon failed to carry out. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been accused of ordering the executions of as many as 15 top officials so far this year. 

However, during a rare trip to Pyongyang last week, a top official dismissed the allegation as "malicious slander." "Especially because they tried to link the alleged statement to the august name of our Supreme Leader Marshall Kim Jong Un," said Park Yong Chol, the deputy director of the DPRK Institute for Research into National Reunification.

However, he did not deny that executions take place for crimes of treason or subversion: "It is very normal for any country to go after hostile elements and punish them and execute them.

The Exact Figures Made From The Mayweather-Pacquauo Fight

The pay-per-view sales figures for the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight are in, and they are mind-boggling.

The fight generated a record 4.4 million PPN buys, HBO and Showtime announced, which produced more than $400 million in TV revenue alone. That shatters the previous record of 2.48 million PPV buys set by Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 , and it blows away the pre- fight estimates of 3.0-3.8 million buys.

And that is just the biggest piece of the fight pie. When you combine all the revenue streams, the fight generated more than $500 million, according to HBD and Showtime.

According to John Branch of The New York Times before the fight, it was estimated that there would be at least another $133 million in revenue from streams such as ticket sales ($72 million), international broadcast sales ("at least" $35 million), closed-circuit broadcasts in bars ($13 million), sponsorships ($12 million), and merchandise ($1 million).

However, if we assume that international and closed-circuit broadcasts beat the pre- fight estimates by the same rate that the final PPV buys exceeded expectations, the total revenue from these streams is probably closer to $155 million.

That pushes the total revenue for the fight to between $550 and $595 million depending on exactly how many of the PPV buys were in HD ($100) versus SD ($90). Of that $500-plus million in revenue, more than $350 million will go to Mayweather and Pacquiao.

According to David Mayo of , Mayweather will take home between $209 and $210 million and Pacquiao will take home between $142 and $143 million. It is hard to imagine that anybody would turn down a rematch, even if the hype can't approach these same levels. This revenue at half the rate is still pretty decent for a day's work.

Powerful 6.8 Earthquake Strikes Off Japan’s Honshu Island

A powerful 6.8 earthquake has struck off the eastern coast of Japan’s Honshu island, USGS and Japan Meteorological Agency report. Shaking has been felt in Tokyo.

The quake struck at 6:13am local time at a depth of almost 50 kilometers. No casualties or damage have yet been reported.

No tsunami warning was issued by JMA and according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, based on all available data a “destructive pacific-wide tsunami” is not expected. No warning has been issued for the US state of Hawaii.I

Glazers' Ten Year Old At Old Trafford (Man United) In Pics

United have won 10 trophies in 10 years under the Glazes Manchester United 's 10 years under the Glazer family's ownership has been another eventful passage in the club's rich history.

A period fraught with in-fighting amongst supporters, success, failure and the Americans' sheer dependence on the ingeniousness of Sir Alex Ferguson, United's return of five Premier League titles, three League Cups, the Champions League and the Club World Cup is enviable.

However, averaging a trophy each year masks how much greater United could have been. Before the Glazes saddled a previously debt-free club with hundreds and millions of pounds of debt, United was possibly the best run major football club on the planet.

A 'United not for sale' flag bellows outside Old Trafford in May 2005 Now Ferguson is gone, the parsimony of the post- Cristiano Ronaldo years has been brutally exposed. United have not won a trophy in two years - something that last happened in 1989 - and they have won two titles in six seasons since Ronaldo's £80m transfer to Real Madrid.

David Gill, whose reputation never recovered from the toxic takeover, said shortly after its completion: "The majority of fans, quite rightly, are only interested in the team being successful."

For so many, though, supporting United meant - and means - so much more than just success.

See a gallery of the Glazers' 10 years in charge of United
below  
 Outraged United fans show their feelings towards the Glazers' imminent takeover May 2005

 United fans refer to the club's 'death' at the 2005 FA Cup final against Arsenal in Cardiff May 2005

F.C. United of Manchester is established by disenfranchised supporters following the takeover June 2005

Edwin van der Sar becomes United's first signing of the Glazer era June 2005

Joel Glazer gives a lengthy interview to MUTV, where he promises to 'communicate' with United supporters. He never communicates with them again July 2005

Ferguson meets Avram Glazer (L), Joel Glazer (2nd-R) and Bryan Glazer (R) at United's training camp in Vale do Lobo July 2005

The Glazers attend their first ever United game, the Champions League home qualifier against Degree August 2005

After telling some disgruntled United supporters to 'go and support Chelsea' in Budapest, Ferguson is subjected to vocal and fierce abuse after the home defeat to Blackburn September 2005

United are eliminated from the Champions League at the group stage for the first time in 11 years December 2005

United beat Wigan 4-0 in the League Cup final to secure the first trophy of the Glazer era February 2006

The ubiquitous Love United Hate Glazer stickers are slapped on seats at Old Trafford after a 0-0 draw with Middlesbrough May 2006

David Gill promises United fans 'two world-class signings' after Ruud van Nistelrooy is sold to Real Madrid. United instead sign young midfielder Michael Carrick and Thomas Kuszczak August 2006

Ferguson proves his genius again as, despite a slim squad, United overcome Chelsea to win their first title in four years, having been top for all but two weeks of the Season May 2007

United introduce the Automatic Cup Scheme (ACS), which forces season-ticket holders to buy tickets for cup matches June 2007

The Glazers back Ferguson in the transfer market, as United spend £59m on Nani, Owen Hargreaves and Anderson, while Carlos Texas arrives on a two-year loan July 2007

The four arrivals help United to a Premier League and Champions League double
May 2008 

Dimitar Berbatov becomes United's record signing for £30.75m September 2008

United win three trophies and join Liverpool on 18 league titles in the 2008-09 season but lose the Champions League final to Barcelona May 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo is sold for a world record £80m to Real Madrid yet the Glazers tighten the purse strings. Gabriel Obertan and Antonio Valencia arrive for £19.5m and perma-crock Michael Owen joins on a free July 2009

After the club pull out of a deal to sign Adam Ljajic from Partizan Belgrade, tension grows as United are dumped out of the FA Cup by League One Leeds United January 2010

With antipathy towards the Glazers growing, United supporters' green and gold campaign begins in the home game against Hull January 2010

Green and gold scarfs become ubiquitous at Old Trafford, intensifying the atmosphere for the victorious League Cup semi-final win over City January 2010

Chief executive David Gill is targeted and accused of hypocrisy by United fans at Villa Park February 2010

The evocative protest continues against APC Milan in the Champions League
March 2010

The returning David Beckham dons a green and gold scarf but refuses to air his support for the campaign in a post-match interview March 2010

Avram Glazer attends United's game with Liverpool in 2010 two months after the green and gold campaign begins March 2010

United fans' protests continue until the last day of the season, where Chelsea regain the Premier League title May 2010

There is a lack of investment at the club for a second successive summer, as £23m is spent on Bebe, Javier Hernandez and Chris Smalling August 2010

The Glazers pay off pay off the high-interest hedge-fund £220m debt, which was accruing interest at an eye-watering 16.25 per cent November 2010

Despite making underwhelming signings, thanks to Chelsea's implosion and Ferguson's ingeniousness, United win a record 19th title, reach the FA Cup semi-final and the Champions League final May 2011

United continue to invest in youth, spending £51.9m on David de Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young July 2011

United go out of the Champions League at the group stage again and end the Season trophyless, after throwing away an eight-point lead at the Premier League summit with six games to go December 2011

The Glazers and Ed Woodward prepare to ring the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange after United shares start trading August 2012

United sign an established world-class player in Robin van Persie, whose goals lead The Reds to their 20th title April 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson announces his retirement and is replaced by David Moyer May 2013

With Ferguson gone and Moyes proving to be a disaster, United's parsimony catches up with them and they're in danger of not qualifying for the Champions League. Juan Mata is hastily bought for a club record £37.1m in an attempt to boost the club and fans January 2014

United fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in 19 years and Moyes is sacked. The Glazers' control of the club is questioned after allowing Ferguson to anoint his successor, with the endorsement of Sir Bobby
Charlton April 2014

The Old Trafford flag is lowered to half mast after Malcolm Glazer dies May 2014

Louis van Gaal replaces Moyes and United embark on an unprecedented spending spree, forking out a British record £59.7m on Angel Di Maria, but it cannot prevent them from experiencing a second successive trophy less season for the first time since 1989 August 2014

With just two titles in the post-Ronaldo years, United plan a title tilt for 2015-16 early, as Memphis Depay agrees to join in a £25m transfer May 2015


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