Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top 20 Multitaskers Who Probably Do Not Have Time To Waste

There aren't too many people who can multitask properly without failing everything. Multitaskers are looked at with awe because it's nice to save time all while finishing up all of the things you had on your plate. 

These multitaskers, however, are ridiculous and hilarious. Some of these people could have waited at a more opportune time to do the extra three or four things they were doing and focus on more important not crashing into the person in front of them. While others will leave you oddly impressed with the work they can do with other appendages like their feet...and with things like duct tape.

Don't try some of these at home, kids. And by kids, I'm looking at all of you grown adults.

1. He got sick of the car radio

2. He was so excited, he had to tweet about it

3. As if you don't already spend hours in there

4. This kitty is one educated little guy

5. Well, as long as he gets potty trained I guess

6. She's going to be a great multitasking mom

7. That is one flexible tall man

8. He's selfish...yet still a really good friend

9. Just keeping everyone in line

10. He's not wasting any time

11. This man just can't get enough of his shisha

12. "Mom! I'm currently doing a front- flip and dunking!"

13. Bus driver level: Turkish

14. My load of cash is on - her listening to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

15. Napping on the way back home after a long day of elementary school is the greatest

16. Driving level: American

17. She has more pressing matters to attend to

18. The cops would have a field day with this guy

19. Modern Parenting Hack: how to relax and be lazy all while still playing with your kids

20. She probably thinks that this is a good idea now; wait till she removes the duct tape


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