Friday, May 08, 2015

Ed Miliband Resigns As Labour Leader After Defeat In General Election

Ed Miliband Resigns as the leader of the opposition Labour Party in the United Kingdom after defeat to the ruling Conservative Party led by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron on friday morning. 

Mr Miliband was given a standing ovation as he leaves the podium, applauding his supporters in turn before waving goodbye. He becomes the third party leader to stand down in the space of about an hour.

Mr Miliband tells activists he is "truly sorry" he did not succeed as Labour party leader. He says he will "never give up" fighting for the Britain he believes in. 

A gracious resignation speech, with even a few genuine laughs. Britain needs Labour to rebuild following their defeat, says Mr Miliband. "All of us must rise to the challenge of keeping our country together," he added. 

He thanks Labour for the "privilege" of having the opportunity to lead the party, having joined as a 17-year- old. Mr Miliband says he looks forward to reacquainting himself with wife Justine and their two sons.

He promises Labour will come back, saying: "The fight goes on. "Mr Milband says he takes "absolute and total responsibility" for Labour's losses.


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