Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Wishes To Alhaji Isiaka Kehinde, Mr Ethics

Happy Birthday celebrations to Alh Isiaka Kehinde (Mr Ethics).

A man of exemplary character, intellectual prowess and a meticulous team player who deserves all the accolades on this wonderful day as it marks a day this great ethical figure came to birth.

This day should mark a day to enforce Ethical value in our society, especially in Oyo state, from cradle to adulthood.

He has touched lives no doubt with his beautifully crafted ethically inclined posts and write-ups scattered across the entire media centers. He has imparted in my life in no small ways, unquantifiable and he's not relenting any time soon either. Every day marks a new beginning in his life accomplishments. Not many men are born with such congenital character and discipline to help others during their trying times and pave a way for people to succeed in life and achieve their life goals.

Using the famous Guinness advert phrase; Alhaji Isiaka Kehinde Ethics is a great man.

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