Monday, March 13, 2017

Lecturer Slaps UNILORIN SUG President

The drama ensued at the UNILORIN C.B.T center when a lecturer from the faculty of Engineering slapped Comrade Shobowale Lukman (Eminent), the Students Union President, while he was mediating on behalf of some students who were inappropriately delayed in writing their exams.

According to report who claim anonymity, it happened around 4:20pm, when some students from the department of Nursing, College of health sciences who have been waiting since 9am, approached the students union president to intercede on their behalf in a bid to write their examinations after a long wait.

The students union president, in the spirit of solidarity, proceeded to the appropriate body with the aim to make dialogue with the exam coordinators, so the 50 Nursing students write their exams to prevent them from missing the bus scheduled to take them back to their faculty.

It was in this process that the Sub-dean, faculty of engineering, Dr. Ajiboye slapped him after he politely approached and introduced himself while trying to meet with the C.B.T Secretary, Dr. Tomori.

Dr. Ajiboye rudely shooed him off and while he (Eminent) stepped aside, to converse with his colleague, the said lecturer approached him and questioned him as to why he decided to murmur after he has spoken and he then slapped him.

We also gathered that this turn of events resulted in an uproar from the students and it took the quick thinking of Students Union president to calm the already angry students who were ready to cause a bigger scene at the center.

Dr. Ajiboye’s action has really violated the ethics of the school, and the situation should be looked into by the disciplinary committee, in a bid to forestall future occurrences.

While we spoke to some students, who witnessed the scene, many described it as an ”aberration and injustice” on the part of the lecturer, as that would not be the first time such act would be perpetrated by either teaching and non-teaching staffs of the school.

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