Monday, March 27, 2017

In Memory of Hon Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi (1) By Isiaka Kehinde

Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi: the immortal African project (being part of 59th years celebrations of the life and time of Hon Gbadamosi Oduola Adelabu Adegoke (Penkelemesi).

This post is the beginning of a series that is packaged for ten weeks for your weekend delight and comments. It is a collection of worldview aimed at beaming a searchlight on the life of a man who bestrode Africa like a colossus, left so early but has refused to leave our memories. A coronation of moral teachings of those instrumental values that have made the philosophical Penkelemesi an infuential with a significant influence on mankind as well as Critical Evaluation of a meaningful existence that serves as a pointer as to how we can all "be" to "inspire"others.

According to him "to be, is to do".  It will also look in depth into the political value game in contrast with today's political "power game ". Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi like Montesquieu "was born, achieved and died"  His work begun, and advanced to maturity but very much unlike Montesquieu, his was "not finished". His works, cut in his prime, after 59 years of departure, now continue in grand style as his children and grand sires have resolved to keep the flag flying.

Today's edition is captioned " what  the talking drum amplified of the exploits of Adelabu Adegoke Penkelemesi.

It burrowed into the theory of cultural identity and how it grooms the motif for promotion of African understanding of personal values inherent in an "Omoluabi".  

Below are the cultural identity of the man Adegoke Adelabu vividly caught in the language of the drummers of the yester years and the events that spurred such reactions.

"Adelabu Adegoke
      O se falejo , o se fonile
           Adelabu, ibi to ba wa ile re"

This is to eulogise his chivalry and selflessness which has made him "a true torch in the darkness".

"Kosenatu ti bimo (2ce)
       Iyawo  Olope t Adelabu gba
             Kosenatu ti bimo
                    E o ribi (2ce)".

When his only surviving wife Mama Kosenatu gave birth to her first child. It is to praise God for the gift of the new baby and to deride political opponents of Penkelemesi.

"Adelabu A b'oosun ni?
      Oorun we niwaju Adajo"

To wake an apparently fatigued Adelabu during one of his court cases as a mark of solidarity. He won the case.

"Adelabu ko ku o, (2ce)
      Oke Mapo Ladelabu wa
               Adelabu ko ku o"

Saying that Adelabu only relocated to the top of Mapo Hill, not dead. Meaning that it was imponderable to even imagine, not to say, that Adelabu could die like a mere mortal. This shows how steep Adelabu was held in the minds of his teeming admirers.

"Adelabu maa kowo wa na (2ce)
         Igunnu lo ni Tapa,
                Tapa lo ni ogunnu
                        Maa kowo wa na"

Even they say you embezzle our money, you have our consent, go ahead (Adelabu was so loved and appreciated that he was considered to be infallible.

"Adelabu n se be be (2ce)
       Eni ti ko dun mo
            Ko o fori sole,
                 Adelabu n se be be"

Adelabu is Performing wonders, who so ever is disatissfied can knock  his or head against the ground.

"Adelabu Adegoke Penkelemesi (3ce)"

This has till date remained a signature tune to welcome the "Adelabus" into a social  gathering. I noticed this with pleasure when Oloye Adelabu Adebayo Adekola entered the venue of annual memorial / lecture event for the late Penkelemesi  yesterday.


watch out for  series next Sunday  on "the role  of youth as true  Agents of change: Adelabu Adegoke's perspective.


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