Friday, October 23, 2015

Amaechi, the Youths and the Ministerial Screening

This is neither evil nor pun intended but I will just spill it out just as it is. There are a million and one youths in Nigeria who would impact better to the populace than Rotimi Amaechi yesterday at the ministerial screening. Holy Christ! He virtually had nothing to share with the audience and indeed the globe watching, many questions came up but no intelligent reply proceeded. Senator Sani simply asked him to define corruption in his own terms (could any examination ever come cheaper), he simply tossed and gave stupid, superficial and common instances as a means of explanation. I honestly expected a deep and profound response which might position the listener in some trance.

Again I reiterate, there are many youths out there who would definitely perform far better than Amaechi yesterday. It was more of a social gathering or event over a distinguished assembly of senators. He dropped a joke too, some bants which revealed his secret ambition to becoming a senator in the 2019 I presume, with senator Goje (and there we had it, the primary purpose is never for the people it's just selfish ambition and battle of social ego).

Senator Ashafa also asked him to shed more lights on his corruption scandal which has since had a downtrodden effect on his reputation over a long period of time. Lo and behold, Gov Amaechi just maintained a position that simply puts the Nigeria judiciary and legislation in total jeopardy. It buttresses the long cliché where there are no records nor laws to back every acts and instances. In Nigeria people just get away with words that will forever silence them to the four walls of prison yard in other advanced and sane nations.

And on the wailers silence, i personally think it was not such a brilliant idea because the youths expected him to go through thorough grinding/confrontation but he won the battle without a spill of blood. Needless to say it left a mark of distaste on people's minds especially the youths (again) virtually across every unit involved, on the president, the APC and especially the PDP. But on the bright side, the senate passed him thus avoiding any disrupt in governance and proceedings albeit it maintained an easy flow of PMBs body language and trust amongst his syndicates.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Inciting the Political and Ethnic Divide in Nigeria

The president needs to be a bit more careful in implementing especially the sensitive governmental policies. He really needs to hold up in affairs which might incite the cynics or fuel out of contempt with regards to the recently trending issue of disparity between the diverse region of our country Nigeria. This is because the multi ethnic and cultural diversity of a nation deserves to be celebrated and promoted internationally towards national unification and economic growth over some secretive ideas of nurturing the contemptuous idea that we are a totally different entity.

If the colonial masters ever left behind a blight or a scar that will forever be painful down our spine which will no doubt create some airspace or constraints within our national unity, it's the disunity and disintegration between majorly the northern region and the southern region of the country. If sincerely analyzed, my dear president is doing absolutely nothing about it, in fact he his fueling up the saga thereby inciting more malicious and mischievous act between the divide.

The Yorubas for instance are limitating their relationship with the Fulanis in line with the recent kidnapping of the Yoruba chiefs and monarchs with which the Fulani herdsmen have not gone unsuspected. Different news and reports confirmed these travails and infidelities have come from none other sect but from the Fulani herdsmen with secret reports and investigation suggesting more evil and demonic act on the way. These are delicate, fragile and volatile issues that deserves immediate address and consultations to accommodate peace and justice within citizenry.

The flipside of this position is that the next government or administration probably from another ethnic divide might want to put in practice the reverse or same by empowering his ethnic and religious nobles with governmental appointments. We just might have for ourselves a vindictive policy and laws bended to alienate another region from power and politics. The government should not at any point endeavor or promote this unethical trend of situation. Let remember it's one Nigeria over some undeterred principles based on sentiments

Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy Independence from a Nigerian Youth

The independence day celebration as usual for the past 55 years have come and gone, the country no doubt was abruptly amassed in the euphoria of the day. The worldly bliss, cheers and verbal, resounding but diluted jubilanting mood of the epic and golden achievement of our past leaders who oversaw and make reality a feat that forever defined and structure the shape, the entity and future of this great nation.

Nigeria as an independent nation have been through quite a lot in the past.  Achievements have sailed through the high and low coast of life. The new generation of descendants have awoken to an unconvincing and impotent echelon of accomplishments that have limit our status to a meagre state in the international standard. It's quite sad and a big drawback that the future itself is still blur (even after 55 years for the average Nigerian youths) on sight. One might argue that this is a myopic and insane level of review and assessment of the near future, likewise the presentment of tomorrow today is a big shackle and impediment to the generation of today.

Nigerians surely deserves better than what the present offers. Youths are reborn and revamped to be thoroughly independent of government despite their haphazard and unstable policies but for how long? How many youths can adapt and be successful without depending on government? The global economic turmoil and meltdown is like the biblically revealed end time, the political misdemeanor and distrust is a representation of the level of incompetence, disrespect and disloyalty of our leaders who are sparingly fast becoming the oblivion figure head at the helms of affairs of leadership. They are transforming into object, mannequin or misrepresentation of the people's desire and empathy to achieving greatness.

"may - the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain"

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Newspaper Review For Friday Oct 2nd, 2015

1. Afenifere spits fire over cattle rearing in S-West

AFENIFERE, a Pan-Yoruba Socio Political group rose from an emergency meeting in Akure, the Ondo state capital and called for the stoppage of cattle rearing activities in  South West states following the menace of Fulani herdsmen. The group said that the activities of the  herdsmen in the states have endangered the lives of the people. Spokesman of the group, Yinka Odumakin said that their activities  should be stopped in every space of Yoruba land just as he called for the arrest of those who abducted a Chieftain of the group, Chief Olu Falae. Odumakin declared that; “ In the event this call is not heeded then our people may resort to self help to protect themselves.’’

2. How Fulani herdsmen kill, rape Ogun residents, farmers

Farmers and residents of agrarian communities in some local government areas of Ogun State have some gory tales to tell on the menace of Fulani cattle rearers, otherwise known as Fulani herdsmen. So many lives have been lost while property worth millions of Naira has been destroyed allegedly by these Fulani marauders . It was gathered that, the Fulani herdsmen move with their cattle from one of these agrarian communities to the other wreaking havoc. Further findings have also shown that worse still, they do not respect the borders of the state. They did not only seek pasture they inflict deaths and mayhem.

3. Female suicide bombers hit Maiduguri

Multiple female suicide bombers, yesterday evening, sneaked into Sageri, Ajilari and other communities on the outskirts of Maiduguri, Borno State capital, and detonated bombs which left scores dead and many injured. Ajilari ward, which is on outskirt of Maiduguri, had two days to Sallah, witnessed a suicide bomb attack which left over 100 people dead with 97 seriously injured. The multiple explosions in Sageri and Ajilari occurred simultaneously at about 7:30p.m., after which men of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, responded with their artillery fire power.

4. Troops raid Boko Haram fuel dump

Troops have discovered and raided another Boko Haram fuel dump at Abbaganaram area of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. Army Spokesman, Col. Sani Usman, said yesterday that the fuel dump was raided on Wednesday, following a tip-off by well- meaning citizens. Col. Usman said one person was arrested while several items were confiscated during the operation in the city. “During the operation, one person, Musa Abba, was arrested and the following items were discovered and confiscated; 11 drums of AGO and one empty drum.

5. MINISTERIAL LIST: Why Buhari holds on to 15 other nominees

There are feelers from the Presidency that the remaining 15 names of ministerial nominees will hit the Senate early next week after what sources described as ‘laborious’ security checks and vetting of the prospective nominees. The high-wire tension and expectations with which Nigerians awaited President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial nominees have been doused with his submission of names of 21 nominees to the Senate. As of last night, the various security agencies were said to be working frantically to beat the new deadline said to have been given to them by the President.

6. We’re not doing badly at 55, says Obasanjo

Despite the country’s “mistakes and missteps,” former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said Nigeria is not doing badly at 55 as a nation, compared to the so called settled societies or matured countries. Obasanjo who noted that 55 years in the life of a nation is still relatively young said the country has managed to be dynamic and progressive all these while.

7. Flood ravages 100 Niger villages

Over 100 villages in Niger state have been submerged in flood resulting from the release of water by three hydro- electric dams of Shiroro, Jebba and Kainji power stations. It was learnt that the flood disaster had spread over five local government areas of the state including Shiroro, Lavun, Mokwa and Lapai. The state Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr. Lugard Bijimi, confirmed in Minna yesterday, saying that 70 villages were affected in Lavun local government area, 10 in Lapai, 10 in Mokwa and over 20 villages in Shiroro local governments.

8. Nigeria@55: Ekiti cancels independence celebration

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State on Thursday cancelled all forms of fanfare as well as stadium parades usually held on Independence Day celebrations. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Fayose in a broadcast said there was nothing to celebrate in view of the economic situation in the country. “I do not think it is proper to engage in jamboree when it is almost becoming increasingly difficult to pay workers salaries. “The current situation demands sober reflection from all and we cannot pretend about this,” Fayose said.

9. MASSOB has gone into hiding in Onitsha – Police

The Police Area Com­mander in Onitsha, Anambra State, Mr. Philip Ezekiel, an As­sistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), yesterday said that the command has finally clamped down on the members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), who have gone into hiding in the state. He said since the Com­missioner of Police in the state, Mr. Hosea Karma banned the activities of MASSOB in the state, nobody had come out to claim that he was a member of MASSOB or gather in the name of the group.

10. Vote of confidence: Another senator denies endorsing Saraki

Senator Sabo Mohammed Nakudu representing Jigawa West in the upper legislative chamber has dissociated himself from the list of 84 senators who allegedly passed a vote of confidence on the Senate President Bukola Saraki, following his ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal. In a handwritten statement on his official letterhead, Senator Nakudu said that his consent was never sought before being included in the list of those who voted in support of the embattled senate president.


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