Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy Independence from a Nigerian Youth

The independence day celebration as usual for the past 55 years have come and gone, the country no doubt was abruptly amassed in the euphoria of the day. The worldly bliss, cheers and verbal, resounding but diluted jubilanting mood of the epic and golden achievement of our past leaders who oversaw and make reality a feat that forever defined and structure the shape, the entity and future of this great nation.

Nigeria as an independent nation have been through quite a lot in the past.  Achievements have sailed through the high and low coast of life. The new generation of descendants have awoken to an unconvincing and impotent echelon of accomplishments that have limit our status to a meagre state in the international standard. It's quite sad and a big drawback that the future itself is still blur (even after 55 years for the average Nigerian youths) on sight. One might argue that this is a myopic and insane level of review and assessment of the near future, likewise the presentment of tomorrow today is a big shackle and impediment to the generation of today.

Nigerians surely deserves better than what the present offers. Youths are reborn and revamped to be thoroughly independent of government despite their haphazard and unstable policies but for how long? How many youths can adapt and be successful without depending on government? The global economic turmoil and meltdown is like the biblically revealed end time, the political misdemeanor and distrust is a representation of the level of incompetence, disrespect and disloyalty of our leaders who are sparingly fast becoming the oblivion figure head at the helms of affairs of leadership. They are transforming into object, mannequin or misrepresentation of the people's desire and empathy to achieving greatness.

"may - the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain"


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