Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Inciting the Political and Ethnic Divide in Nigeria

The president needs to be a bit more careful in implementing especially the sensitive governmental policies. He really needs to hold up in affairs which might incite the cynics or fuel out of contempt with regards to the recently trending issue of disparity between the diverse region of our country Nigeria. This is because the multi ethnic and cultural diversity of a nation deserves to be celebrated and promoted internationally towards national unification and economic growth over some secretive ideas of nurturing the contemptuous idea that we are a totally different entity.

If the colonial masters ever left behind a blight or a scar that will forever be painful down our spine which will no doubt create some airspace or constraints within our national unity, it's the disunity and disintegration between majorly the northern region and the southern region of the country. If sincerely analyzed, my dear president is doing absolutely nothing about it, in fact he his fueling up the saga thereby inciting more malicious and mischievous act between the divide.

The Yorubas for instance are limitating their relationship with the Fulanis in line with the recent kidnapping of the Yoruba chiefs and monarchs with which the Fulani herdsmen have not gone unsuspected. Different news and reports confirmed these travails and infidelities have come from none other sect but from the Fulani herdsmen with secret reports and investigation suggesting more evil and demonic act on the way. These are delicate, fragile and volatile issues that deserves immediate address and consultations to accommodate peace and justice within citizenry.

The flipside of this position is that the next government or administration probably from another ethnic divide might want to put in practice the reverse or same by empowering his ethnic and religious nobles with governmental appointments. We just might have for ourselves a vindictive policy and laws bended to alienate another region from power and politics. The government should not at any point endeavor or promote this unethical trend of situation. Let remember it's one Nigeria over some undeterred principles based on sentiments

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