Friday, October 23, 2015

Amaechi, the Youths and the Ministerial Screening

This is neither evil nor pun intended but I will just spill it out just as it is. There are a million and one youths in Nigeria who would impact better to the populace than Rotimi Amaechi yesterday at the ministerial screening. Holy Christ! He virtually had nothing to share with the audience and indeed the globe watching, many questions came up but no intelligent reply proceeded. Senator Sani simply asked him to define corruption in his own terms (could any examination ever come cheaper), he simply tossed and gave stupid, superficial and common instances as a means of explanation. I honestly expected a deep and profound response which might position the listener in some trance.

Again I reiterate, there are many youths out there who would definitely perform far better than Amaechi yesterday. It was more of a social gathering or event over a distinguished assembly of senators. He dropped a joke too, some bants which revealed his secret ambition to becoming a senator in the 2019 I presume, with senator Goje (and there we had it, the primary purpose is never for the people it's just selfish ambition and battle of social ego).

Senator Ashafa also asked him to shed more lights on his corruption scandal which has since had a downtrodden effect on his reputation over a long period of time. Lo and behold, Gov Amaechi just maintained a position that simply puts the Nigeria judiciary and legislation in total jeopardy. It buttresses the long cliché where there are no records nor laws to back every acts and instances. In Nigeria people just get away with words that will forever silence them to the four walls of prison yard in other advanced and sane nations.

And on the wailers silence, i personally think it was not such a brilliant idea because the youths expected him to go through thorough grinding/confrontation but he won the battle without a spill of blood. Needless to say it left a mark of distaste on people's minds especially the youths (again) virtually across every unit involved, on the president, the APC and especially the PDP. But on the bright side, the senate passed him thus avoiding any disrupt in governance and proceedings albeit it maintained an easy flow of PMBs body language and trust amongst his syndicates.

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