Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Pray For The World

I love France so much, I have been there couple of times myself (that's a lie, because I have never travelled out of the four walls of Nigeria), I love the language, the people, the culture and on paper I have read numerous times that it's has one of the most beautiful cities in the world; Paris.

Despite all the showers of praise and adoration on this beautiful country, city and the people, also putting into consideration the tragic incident of terrorist attacks which occurred on Friday evening in Paris and environment. I hereby share my uttermost profound condolences and sympathy with the good people of France and the world as a whole.

But I ask myself these questions: can the world ever know peace again? Can love ever reign again? Can religion ever know peace again? We can deliberate on this matter from now till may be eternity but it's obvious that world peace is a thing of yesteryears and I do not see that replicating in these modern era of ours.

Terrorism itself has crept into the daily activities of my dear country, Nigeria. Way back you do be smart to never bet an average Nigerian ever committing suicide less being a terrorist. Its a whole different situation now because terrorism is now considered a frequent occurrence. Hence, I pray for Nigeria and Africa.

I commiserate with the world, on the loss of lifes in different regions with different circumstances and strategic falls. I console with the families and victims of wars, airstrikes, terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, military coups, poverty, malnutrition, natural disasters such as: earthquakes, flood and hurricane.

Peace is what I pray for, all around the world.


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