Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Official Statement By President Jonathan On Presidential Election 2015

Fellow Nigerians, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria called me, on phone, some few minutes ago to congratulate me on the presidential election victory that was fought for by you and won through your commitment.

I am deeply humbled by this show of magnanimity, and I am particularly grateful to Allah for enabling me to see the dawn of a new day in our national life.

Yes, we have been through a gruelling period of campaigning.  All parties have traversed the length and breadth of our dear nation. We have all worked hard to win. We have expended human and material resources in pursuit of our vision. At the end of the day, the will of majority of the people has prevailed!

It is trite wisdom that in every contest, a winner must emerge. The beauty of this election victory is that this is a victory for all of us Nigerians! Every one of us have contributed in one way or the other to this victory.

I shall be consulting widely over the next few weeks on a strategic plan that will be all-inclusive and reflect the diversity and hope of us all. I hope to lead a Nigeria that we all will be proud of.

To my colleagues and compatriots in the All Progressives Congress,  I say, well done and congratulations. To the numerous support groups who worked assiduously for this victory, be assured of my commitment to uphold your trust and confidence in my integrity and the common good of the Nigerian nation and its people.

Thank you and may God bless Nigeria.


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