Tuesday, March 03, 2015

As Nigeria Decide (1)

Tiredness of rule could be a factor in voting a candidate or voting a candidate out. When a great population of the country do not want continuity in the way and manner the country is being managed, with every point exhibiting it's own pros and cons it needs not be neglected to stating the positivity of these claims. When a large proportion of a country demands for a change of rule or governance it could either be that the present government is not doing much to improve life and standard of living or the bunch of efforts and information by the government is not getting to the people. It then becomes imperative and acute that there must be change in government.

It must also be stated that it is essential and exigent to take a critical and logical assessment before taking this dire and desperate measure. It is not in itself appropriate to desperately claim for a change of rule without many appropriations put in place. Especially when some level and degree of achievements by the present government is greatly undermined. It is one thing to demand a change of rule, it is another thing to demand it at the appropriate time led by the appropriate and articulate leaders using the right means and methods. 

One disturbing problem that is encountered is clash of power, a struggle that will dissect another critical and unknown future and struggle of a nation. Struggle that unleashes the forces of revolution and counter revolution trying to demand the power of rule. Strong forces will see this as an opportunity to steal and lay claim to power to rule, provincial and territoriaism. Every character in the fight to victory see himself as part of the success story therefore entitled to some degree of reward and taste of power.

A good example has to be the comparative between Libya of the Gaddafi era and post-Gadaffi era. There was ferocious, violent and chaotic clash for power. Desperation for power builds up from the backstage and it greatly involves a lot of heat and tension soaked events garnished with deep secrecy as well. The media hide a whole lot of the tension from the public and our minds, sense of reasoning and impression is played upon till the desired goal is achieved. It is at this point that another political tussle commences which will no doubt be greater than the past. It is heated up, but the transmission either by conduction or radiation is very slow and thus may not spread to our homes or doorsteps initially. 

Let's be vigilant and wary of wolfs in sheep's clothing. Let's be mindful of our consciousness, choices and intentions, let us decide and choose our candidate not on some pressured and propagandists choice of men or votes. Let's remember the benefits in continuity for a better tomorrow and not selfish claim for power all in the name of change and new order. Let's plan the long term goal for our future generations and let's not impose on our self some demons who claim to indulge in us the ordinary citizens but only wants to taste power to rule us over and over again. 

The conspiracy theory of the opposition or the opposing party is usually greater than anything we envisage. It is usually a build up of powers that hold strong forces who are essentially volatile and ready to implode if their requests are not met accordingly. People who will always hold the nation to ransome, blackmailers who will stop at nothing to claim power. Change and total arrest in the media process, unorthodox filtering of the information through the media houses and programs. It is essential that we understand the whole set up and premonitions of the opposition before setting off to cast our votes. 


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