Friday, March 27, 2015

Nigeria Decide Today (The 2015 Election)

As Nigerians go to the polls today to cast their vote, which is our right and an indelible mark or voice which has the capacity of been heard. It is also important to know why and who deserves our vote.

There are 14 candidates on the ballot, but the race is more of a rematch between the current president and a former military ruler. The two faced off in the last election in 2011.

The key issues facing this present government and the country as a whole are: power, security and economy.

The present government has done a great deal of work to move the country forward but has been blighted with the level of strength and growth of the Insurgent group, the Boko Haram. There's even a recent report of their allegiance and unity with The Islamic States, ISIS.

On the economy report, Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as the country with the largest economy in Africa, but it must be pointed out that the flaws are still numerous and the poverty rate is still low and a great percentage of the population still live below the one dollar mark.

But to speak for the presidency and the ruling party, the country is now battling and taking on the insurgency in great strides and leap, which I must say is never too late and you will agree with me that Rome was not built in one day. The economy is greatly improving on paper but has not been implemented or translated into reality and am of the opinion that it will take effect sooner than we all expect.

The opposition on the other hand has taken full advantage of these incompetent traits and visible flaws in this government to promote their own brand, but I hope you always agree with me that there will always be flaws irrespective off your level of perfection and marketability. They have taken front seat in all media houses and reports. They own the information and data that reach the citizens, they preach better government when they assume the Federal office but are yet to transit this in their prototypical level in various state of government.

Stand up Nigerians, our vote is our right, let's stand up, shy away from violence and let's come out enmass to voice out our right and let's implement them by voting for Transformation or Change. With due respect there are many other groups with whom we must be aware of but it's majorly these great parties and great individuals who are paramount to the eventual outcome of this election.


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