Monday, March 09, 2015

Change or Transformation

Firstly, I would like to state it out factually and categorically that the words do not really differ and scientifically it can be defined with respect to time and velocity. Transformation can also be simplified as gradual change but of course change is change with respect to time, it should therefore translate to immediate change or immediate transformation.

Nigeria I can understand needs a pragmatic approach to critical and disturbing issues and positions which evidently remains indelible and ineffacaeble in the life and standards of living of the common Nigerians. Many people who clamor for change do frequently point out that fierceness and ferocity is the solution to the issue based problems confronting the nation as a whole, talking specifically with respect to crime and corruption. 

Objectively, as a person I would respect the judgement of treating a theif like a thief and the always-being-the-first-to-cast-the-stone mindset. But I can invariably assure you it will only lead to more bloodshed, chaotism and misplaced judgement and ultimately in the long run, it will solve no problems but rather open way for more can of worms. It will only elevate ethnic nepotism and favoritism where radical judgement will be misunderstood and taken unjustly which may ultimately lead to greater ethnic rivalry and dispute. 

Politically speaking, the opposition have done a lot of work to checkmate all the efforts of the incumbency to portray a level play ground where every party is observed to be equal and of the same legal and national status. Furthermore, big kudos and respect is highly recommended to be passed to the opposition for their indepth criticism and basic analytical sense of reasoning.

But it must also be stated that the mantra of the opposition which is Change; that the party sells to anybody who cares to listen, and of course are expected to implement all these in the shortest possible time, have not practically analyse and outlined to us how these immediate change are bound to be implemented and observed. Nigerians, deeply and utmostly amongst many aggravating issues presently unfurling in the country deserves to know how these stated changes are brought to manifestation. 

Prototypical and paradigmatic governance of the opposition which should translate to change having failed to be observed in states which they rule upon and even Lagos state. I basically believe the Nigerian problems did not evolve in a matter of weeks or months. It's a long accumulated and overlay of bad circumstances and sometimes global negative impact which started way back in the early 80s, but to dissolve and evaporate these problems in a short spell is tremendously impossible. 

At this juncture, I will say Nigerians need realistic goals and objectives, let's don't sell what is basically aimed at winning the present government who is still dead bent on transforming the country in a gradual and at the same time using a pragmatic approach which respects everyone's sense of belonging and association. Nigerians, it's a choice between realistic transformation and unrealistic change. 

Please choose wisely!!! 


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