Friday, March 27, 2015

10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are The Best

People say long distance relationships are difficult and often do not work. Well, I beg to differ. In a long distance relationship, the butterflies never go away and the sex never gets boring! It’s like that first date every single time. As if that’s not enough, here are 10 other reasons why long distance relationships are simply awesome.

Trust is never a problem
You enter the relationship knowing that you are going to need to trust each other. So you don’t need to constantly ask him where he is and what he’s doing. You work on issues and believe that he won't break your trust.

You look forward to every date
When you don’t see each other every other day, even the little, cutesy dates make your world go round. Quality certainly beats quantity, doesn’t it?

The long phone calls never stop
In a LDR, even after the initial dating phase, the phone calls go on for hours on end, unlike in regular relationships. And you always have stuff to talk about. No awkward silences here.

No need for extra space
You watch your girlfriends crib about space issues and how their boyfriends are so possessive. You don’t have to deal with that because you get to spend as much ‘me’ time as you want. Plus, you always have time for your girlfriends.

You are still independent
You don’t have to wait for him to pick you up and drop you home nor do you wait for him to take you shopping. You have your fun with or without him.

Even the regular routine excites you
No activity with your partner will bore you. Even a simple cup of coffee or crashing on the couch with a tub of popcorn can become a treasured memory.

Sex is never boring
Whether you admit it or not, sex tends to become just a tad drab after a while, but not for those in long distance relationships. They just continue to have a ball. The best part is even hugs and kisses aren’t taken for granted.

Go that extra mile
Both you and he go that extra mile to make things special. Whether it’s occasions or even on a Skype call, you both are constantly thinking of ways to show your love without simply saying I love you. Interestingly, that’s what’s required for all relationships.

Surprising is easy
In a normal relationship, surprising each other becomes difficult and you both become predictable. But in a long distance relationship, even showing up at his doorstep or sending him a package can be the best surprise ever!

You make up quickly
In LDRs, there is hardly any time to crib, cry or fight. Because you don’t wish to waste time on such negative things. And even if you do end up arguing or fighting, you make upreally fast in order to enjoy the time you have together.


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