Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump-Buhari Valentine Call and What Inference to Draw

Let's assume Trump spoke with Buhari yesterday as we were made to believe and let's assess his performance as commander in chief and someone Nigeria employed to take care of the nation.

1. Mr. President assured Nigerians during the campaign that no more foreign medical trips but as soon as he won the elections, the medical trips started.

2. The request for this particular vacation to the NASS was for 10 days but Mr. President was out of the country before the date requested. (What kind of example does that show other public officers)

3. Mr. Femi Adesina said Mr President is on vacation but will do medicals while on vacation and not otherwise.  He insisted he's hale and hearty. Let's believe him please.

4. Gov Amosun and Alh Atiku visited him in UK. Amosun was shown eating with Mr President and he appeared truly hale and hearty. Let's assume Amosun truly left his work in Ogun to go and jolly-jolly with the man on official vacation.

5. Mr President requested for indefinite extension of his vacation to confirm his medical tests. Let's assume it was a vacation and not medical trip?

6. Then it was Asiwaju Tinubu and Chief Akande's turn to mark register in London. Mr. President again in same vacation uniform was hale and hearty. Let's assume the report of Tinubu disclaiming the London trip was false.

7. Nigerians went to the Nigeria House in London to request for Mr President's address but no show. Let's assume he was in the House as earlier claimed by Presidency.

8. There was serious tension in the country due to the planned nationwide protest by TuFace, yet Mr. Femi Adesina said no one can force Mr. President to speak to Nigerians.

9. The Acting President insisted that Mr. President is hale and hearty. Let's believe him.

10. Then President Trump spoke with Nigeria President that's on medical vacation and Buhari demonstrated to Trump that he's truly hale and hearty.

My conclusion
It's either Muhammad Buhari has gone AWOL from Presidency; that is, he's fed up of being the President of Nigeria because the solutions are beyond him, so he ran away or his media team are just hiding the truth about Mr President, so that they can collect a few more salaries before being evicted from Aso Rock and they have unwittingly portrayed Buhari as the most irresponsible President Nigeria ever had. The President that's hale and hearty but refuses to attend to national issues, refuses to address his people but  remains in Oyinbo land eating, hosting guests and speaking with western leaders on phone.

APC goons, over to you; what a President you've given Nigerians?

... and by their fruits, we shall know them.

Good night friends.

Written By:
Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson


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