Friday, February 03, 2017

Donald Trump and the Executive Orders

Donald Trump, a man who no doubt enjoys making the headlines for being the bad guy, a reputation preceding his political escapades since his party elections campaign begun in earnest. He played the outsider, the man with the misguided utterances, the man to share the views of some selected citizens of America or the bad guy in a popular American blockbuster movie.

He played to his premeditated script and articulated speeches with wreckless abandon earmarked with so much divisive comments which eventually brought upon him and team a landmark victory against the much popular and medially caressed democratic party.

There is no gainsaying that this method brought upon him an historic victory and engraved his reputation into the history book as the new president of the United States of America.

According to the new Forbes rating, he has raked in majority disapproval ratings in the shortest possible time (8 days), largely due to him meeting up with his election promises.

However, it does not cease to amaze me how after amassing such monumental number of votes against the much adored Democratic party candidate, Hilary Clinton, that the people somehow expect him to deviate or abandon his promises. Its not done that way.

Trump way is the new way!

So many crowd gatherings and protests against his policies and orders. But who didn't see this coming. This is not intended as a Pro-Trump article but to reverberate the voice of Eleanor Roosevelt that "the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility" and the great people of America should see it this way.

Perhaps, they are identifying with who they voted for in the last election or they are merely playing it too emotional, but they are barely reaping the fruit of their labour and this is the sad truth.

His policies are only a manifestation of his election promises which the majority of the people of America voted for. He is merely playing to the script the people endorsed by their franchise.

Nonetheless, they are some facts that must be lay bare:

His policies are not anti-Islam and neither is this the first time an American president is placing restrictions against immigrants. In fact it is on record that former president Barack Obama deported more immigrants than any other American president, also in 2011, he placed a ban on the Iraqis from coming to America for six months yet there were no traces of protests or campaign against his policy.

During Donald Trump campaign he promised extreme vetting for some country members and yet it took the Americans by surprise when he met with his promise. As a measure of security for the American people, he placed ban on refugees and immigrants for a few months.

These measures were solely not his efforts, because the 7 countries marked for complete ban were already deemed "countries of concern" for terrorism by the Barack Obama administration hence were already on restrictions for certain travelers. It leaves little to be desired when people just jump to conclusion that its an anti-muslim policy.

Furthermore, the nations with the highest number of Muslims are not even included, hence the disconnection of facts.

America needed a new stance with immigrants and if Trump has placed embargo for 3months, for God's sake let's chill and see how it turns out, instead of making protest and delaying policies aimed at protecting lives and upholding national image.

Chicago is worst hit by insecurity and murder. Since 2011, they can solely account for over 8,000 murder cases alone.
Where he lacks with the utterances of a statesman, he complements with business acumen as a businessman, who is saddled with the huge civil responsibility of taking high risk decisions for the protection of his people.

Its a common practice globally to place ban on immigrants from selected countries. The UAE do not allow immigrants from Israel into their entire sovereignty, Saudi Arabia do not open it borders for Syrian refugees. Different countries with their varying immigration policies.

But when its Donald Trump regime as POTUS everybody becomes an activist, everybody becomes a victim of airport delays, health risk and all sorts.
I can only implore the great people of America to support their chosen mandate as he embark on a mission to make America great again.


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