Thursday, February 09, 2017

INAGFA Online Campaign "Curbing the Menace of Cancer"

The Initiative Against Gender Discrimination and Female Abuse (INAGFA) hereby brings to you an online campaign modelled to bring a greater awareness to the public on disturbing issues concerning cancer tagged Curbing the Menace of Cancer.

Present with us will be two wonderful guests and medical expertise in person of;
Mrs Opeyemi Oladunni (MPH, UCH) and
Bala Chabiya, @bala_chabiya (UTH Sokoto and co-founder, Hand of Love Charity).

They will both be taking us round mind boggling issues pertaining to Cancer.

It promises to be educative.

Please do make it a date with us on Saturday, 11th Feb, 5-8pm and follow @inagfa on twitter to be a part of program, where you can ask questions and add to your bosom of knowledge using the hashtag #BeCancerAware

You can also be a part of this discussion by liking our page on Facebook.

Remember to join us using the #tag


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