Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump and Buhari Phone Call; Mixed Reactions

When news filtered in on Monday afternoon that the new American President Donald Trump will be speaking with our own president Buhari by 3:45pm local time and Zuma of South Africa at another time on the same day. The internet immediately went agog with a wide range of reactions of the possibility of the action taking place.

This is all due to the state of health of our Mr President. President Buhari who left the the shore of the country for medical vacation in the United Kingdom over his deteriorating illness which was supposed to be a 10 days leave but has spanned to 3 weeks now, but at some point the rumor mills reported he was dead, the President’s ill health is being shrouded in secrecy by the power cabal in Aso Rock, with no clear date to when the President will return back to the country.

Donald Trump who is well known for speaking to the world through his Twitter handle @RealDonaldTrump, however is yet to make any comment. Nigerians out of their curiosity, experience of Propaganda with Buhari and his media aides, were eager to see President Trump tweet about the phone call for confirmation but he never did.

However, different narratives and opinions have been floating around since the news came up from the SAs who maintained their stance that there was truly a conversation between the pair. Some sections are of the opinion that there were no phone conversations between the two, while some believed that the American Embassy didn't make any fuss about the phone conversation while others were of the disbelieve because the only source of the news was from the Buhari Media Center popularly known for huge propaganda.

Nigerians were surprised that not even the American Embassy hosted the information on their website or make any publicity about it. No big international media could confirm the news except few ones who relied on the information from the Buhari’s media Center.

Some even marvel at the procedures involved that since the president handed over power to the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo as acting president, the responsibility bestowed on him automatically grants him the right to receive the call from the American president.

Many others have also express their disappointment at the president that he can hurriedly speak with Trump yet he has has not deemed it fit to speak with his teeming country men with regard to his whereabout and state of health.

However the case may be, we wish him a safe return to his motherland.

Happy Valentine!

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