Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dasuki saga

There were series of trending topics and headlines all over the news yesterday which perhaps included fuel scarcity, assassination attempt at DSP Ike Ekweremadu, Yobe bomb blast (which reportedly killed several number of people and leaved many more injured) and the president's ordered arrest of ex-NSA Dasuki.

He (the president I mean) seemed to be taking this Dasuki case very personal, that he had to be tweeting the reports directly from his official account at about 10pm. Whoever submits panel reports at that hour? Couple with the president's immediate issuance of order of arrest. He further went on to judge him guilty as charged.

I hope he gets a fair trial, because the handwriting on the wall only goes to prove the president is hell bent to tarnishing and putting into disrepute the man's image. Or are there no procedures for an indictment to be submitted to security agencies and an arrest warrant issued? Buhari orders? It's a sham and a shame too.

Rotimi Amaechi was indicted with the state's panel reports and Gov Wike didn't make an arrest. There were allegations levelled against Fashola coming on the heels of his immediate relieve of office from Gov Ambode and prof Anthony Onwuka (min of education) who infact has been found guilty of fraud and racketeering, yet they were all awarded with juicy ministerial offices.

Dear president, this is democracy and not the military regime. There are legal counsels and procedures to this effect. You do not accuse anybody of a crime until proven so in court. Reports of a panel firsthand on social media?



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