Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My deep thought

There is so little we can say, ok I will say it's all going to be to no avail. In as much as I do not necessarily believe much can come out of this present government, they have my full support.

I have just started to unravel the flipside of the whole APC fairytale turn reality show. They thought out the best possible mean to hijack power from the PDP. I am really sure they listed them out in these order: brainwash; deceits; lies; ill promises and propaganda.

Nigerians desperately needs a messiah. Yes my dear, it worked a great deal. Nigerians heard exactly what they wanted to hear. More like those relatives who promise you the world after one probably (may be) recently lost a mum and/or dad. You know how it usually ends.

If you ask me (though am no T. B Joshua) I forsee a divided APC; PDP re-emergence (not sure if it will resurrect with a new party name; a divided North; and an unpredictable election come 2019. 50/50 chance.

N. B: I solemnly hope and pray the presidency manages this MASSOB crises with diplomacy and humane impression without the least ruler and military instinct he's blessed with which might no doubt incite some tribal, geoethnic and
geopolitical crises

And again despite so much hike in price of petrol, Nigerians do not seem to be complaining like hell, our perseverance has returned. Good to know. Jonathan's head would have been demanded for by now. The monkey and bamboo would have been soaked in blood by now. Or just may be we are thinking it is our self induced blunder.

Only God knows (eeyan naa mo)


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