Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Football Random Thoughts

Some crazy random thoughts on football; it's the first time on this blog am speaking football. Yeah they call it soccer in America! I met a Nigerian American who while talking mentioned soccer in place of football and I was like; seriously? He corrected himself considering his location and time (in Nigeria).

Yeah! I'm one of those few who honestly have an equivalent level of dislike for Sepp Blatter and Mitchell Platini. I think they have proven power can always intoxicate them at whatsoever hour. I hope Blatter doesn't go to jail though, he has done more good than harm and he brought the world to Africa. I love him still.

I really hope the 23 year old Barcelona forward, Neymar Jr wins the Ballon d'or, let's end this Messi-Ronaldo dominance once and for all. Football is fun remember? Not some boring thug of war game between two contrasting personalities. Luiz Suarez deserved a place in the top three too.

This is Mourinho's open chance or a sitter to managing Manchester United. Its now or never for him (the special one's love for manutd is one of football's worst kept secret). I sincerely hope Leicester City wins the league (but you and I know that's impossible). Those Chelsea four listed by Mourinho have a lot to do to make the Europa League, Life line? Win the Champions League. One more thing, you guys are the bomb, because the special one wept.

However way the Italian series A folks will overwhelm the English lads in the Champions League to steal that fourth spot. Francesco Totti is the greatest, well, after Alexander Del Pierro and errrrrrmmmnn of course Andre Pirlo. Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga didn't do much good to help football, they both only took two and half season to bore out the great Pep Guardiola. Common to the Epl, we'll raise your blood pressure and grow you white hairs rapidly.

And to nail the coffin, please don't laugh : could this be Arsenal's year to be crowned champion of England? Pellegrini is going even if he wins the world cup at the end of the season. Juventus just lost it. How do you let Pirlo go, just like that. The same blunder AC Milan committed (hey! Paul Scholes retired and he was called back from retirement), hard to part with some talents.

My random thoughts exactly!


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