Saturday, February 20, 2016

Need For National Redirection

We all went adrift from the euphoria and despair of the post election drama, we all no doubt hovered aimlessly out of position and issues based at one time or the other. The (new) opposition got too assiduously absorbed with the now accustomed criticism which was adopted from the then opposition who happened to be in power now.

We are at this juncture already and though such a cruddy and raunchy situation we find ourselves economically, we are left with little option but to move on as a unified country with so much hope to hold on to. Divided Nigeria will make a meagre leap like the past regimes but a united Nigeria will know no bound.

With so much conundrum and embattled awkwardness on our hands, with so many impending case files and litigation at the court of law. We need to address the fundamentals which basically affects the common man on the streets, the women and little one's in our nation Nigeria.

Like the modalities for IGR we need to diversify our governmental policies and agenda in differential sequence with the common man's diligence and perseverance. Corruption war, will decide the outcome of a quarter of the battle while leaving other stones unturned. But a grid and framework of grassroots sensitization on the need for Ethics and Value Orientation is indeed the nucleus of a corrupt free Nigeria.

Hence, the need to fortify our integrity towards building an ethical and value oriented Nigeria, but first it has to start with you and I.
Oluwatobi Adisa >

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