Friday, March 25, 2016

Me in Pieces

"Lift your spirit high, devoid of pride and good things will come your way"

I learnt a lesson today from the most unlikely source, a lady, yeah! She advised jokingly that "setting the ball rolling in life is prime regardless of which is placed first sometimes, whether you plan the family life first or you leap with the job placement, however way, God is in full control"

It was deep and profound but we made a bant of it including the orator. But I had a hold of it, I reminisced on the forthcoming, pondered on the present and appropriate the future with regards to control and acceptability. But what the hell! Sometimes our future is way beyond our understanding and control. It's in God's hand like she said.

I was entangled in a much related circumstance at that period and I needed a good understanding of what was before me; to be or not to be shielded away from myself. I'm my own greatest enemy. May God help me.

Now that the ball is set rolling on me, I hope and pray I get a good grip of my destiny now. It's sickening when you've got a lot of grounds to cover without the capacity and zeal to operate. I sincerely hope the gods smile on me now. How much I need support and comfort now?

Ever felt like a child when you are most needed to be an adult. Its happening to me now. But I will pass through that, I believe!


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