Friday, February 13, 2015

Nigerians And The Coming Election

The popular discussion for this period in Nigerian politics has basically been the economy and the election of the country. The election will definitely go down as the most keenly contested in Nigerian history. Different parties have employed different gimmicks and tactics to winning the election. Pardon me to add that a lot of unwarranted propaganda has been invented, cooked to spice up the political battle between these two party giants called PDP and APC.

Critical assessment, calculation and review will reveal the brilliant masterpiece of a plan by the opposition party in standing neck to neck with the ruling party PDP. In fact the opposition is waxing stronger by the day and it has not been as a result nothing but hardworking with careful planning, organization, proper and improper conduct nutmegged by actions and allegation powered with disdain and contempt against the power party.

One major strength of the opposition party to combat against the PDP has been the media. Quick and effective dessimination of information to the public. You might think that is a simple and wonderful plan but it just does not end there until you figure out the type of information. The information released must be the one's that boldly blemishes, taints and finally destroys the reputation of the ruling party. You might say playing dirty but I would term it mind games and it's an unfair scheme because the people are greatly misinformed and misdirected.

Numerous false information is being flown around by the APC since the inception of the  campaign And if truth be told "the APC building is a foundation of lies". They have grown in size and numbers, they multiplied in quality and quantity, they have done so by welcoming and gratifying all the so called "PDP big boys", all for unmeasured desperation for power coupled with the deceit, indoctrination and brainwash that they can still unleash change with this method applied. Let's not be deceived because that is totally impossible with such contemptuous lies and deceit.

With this approach and so much thug of war of opinion by these political godfathers, we can only retrogress and merry-go-round, you know. Let's join hands and give PDP the next four years to finally implement what the International organizations, CNN, The accountancy firm PwC have termed an improving and fast growing economy.


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