Monday, February 09, 2015



1. Obasanjo’s government spent $16bn for power, and only achieved to change the name of NEPA to PHCN, yet some people and Obasanjo says Jonathan’s Government id corrupt.

2. Obasanjo’s government, Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar were involved in a $180m Hallibuton bribery scam that made world news, Yet Obasanjo says Jonathan’s Government is corrupt.

3. Obasanjo’s government, Obasanjo and Atiku spent about N1tn with Siemens for the production of National ID Card, with a N34bn bribery scam. I am yet to get mine, Yet Obasanjo says Jonathan is corrupt.

4. Bola Ahmed Tinubu used Babatunde Fashola to build 1 kilometer of road for N1.2bn, while Akpabio builds same for N120m. Yet Tinubu and Fashola says Jonathan is corrupt.

5. Bola Tinubu and Fashola spent $460 million (N55 billion at 2009 exchange rate of N118/$1) of tax payer’s money in the name of Lekki-Epe Concession Company (LCC) to build a toll gate, and yet taxed Lagosians even after claiming to buy back the concession, for using the road with no records, Yet Tinubu, Fashola and Obasanjo says Jonathan is corrupt.

6. Buhari delegated all powers to Afri-Project Consortium (APC), a consulting firm owned by his Wife’s brother, which allowed his In-law’s firm to Initiate all projects for the PTF, Approve all projects for the PTF and Execute all projects for the PTF. APC was able to make away with N25, 758,532,444 (Twenty-five billion, seven hundred and fifty-eight million, five hundred and thirty-two thousand, four hundred and fourty-four Naira). Buhari says he did not know. Yet Buhari, Tinubu claims Jonathan is corrupt.

7. Rotimi Ameachi spent N50bn to build a 2kilometer monorail that is yet to be completed. And Ameachi, Tinubu, Buhari says Jonathan is corrupt.

8. 56,000 ghost workers were discovered and terminated, so former President called President Jonathan to leave the 56,000 ghost workers to remain in status quo, When President Jonathan ignored, Obasanjo claimed that Jonathan is corrupt. Nigeria was rated the 2nd must corrupt Nation in the world as at 1999 – 2007 when Obasanjo was president, then rated 3rd from 2007 till 2011. In 2014, Nigeria is rated 37th in the world, with a four months review that will place Nigeria at 46th. Yet Obasanjo says Jonathan is corrupt...even the PDP refugees that are now APC are saying Jonathan is corrupt...NIGERIANS judge for yourselves!!!!!!


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