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Adebayo Adelabu Resignation: A Sacrifice for the Betterment of Oyo State

Adebayo Adelabu, the grandson of Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, recent resignation from the CBN is no longer news and the gist have been littering all over the media space from the conventional media to the new media. It is also no longer news that he will in due time make a public declaration on his ambition and party line of focus. However, since his resignation hit the media space, it has garnered mixed reactions from the public and many have pondered on the plausibility of someone in Nigeria leaving such a juicy office, the CBN, for the murky and uncertain political terrain of state politics where nothing is absolutely guaranteed. These line of thoughts, albeit quite understandly, is unbeknownst of some basic fundamentals on the history of Bayo Adelabu himself.

Permit me to digress a little, Bayo Adelabu grew up in the slums of Oke-Adu in Oluyoro, Ibadan, where he went to primary school and later attended Lagelu Grammar School before going to the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (Great Ife) where he graduated with a first class in Accounting. He has since been in the private sector gradually rising up the ladder of success right to the peak of his profession where he was at the brink of becoming the Managing Director of First Bank PLC before the office of the deputy governor of CBN came begging for his service. Through these periods the Oke-Adu boy hardly spends a weekend outside the shores of his state.

Infact it is a street parlance in Ibadan that Adelabu is always in town for the weekend from his different spells at work in Lagos and Abuja except when he is out of the country on official duty. His affinity and passion for the town can be traced back to his childhood days where he hawked and sold different food items, played through the streets, the nooks and crannies of the town and became an home grown son of the soil. These and much more reasons are the justification for his staunch patriotism of his beloved state and explains further why he is passionate about providing an improved living standard for his people. 'I have longed believe that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism' so says Bob Riley. Bayo Adelabu's level of patriotism to his home state can be further exemplified by his solemn decision to resign from the apex bank and contest for the number one seat in the state, which counts for a great sacrifice considering the high stakes involved. Hence making such humongous sacrifice beseech an immense level of appreciation and embrace from his people. This selfless gesture from this young man should rather be widely applauded by his people, just as Napoleon Hill once postulated that 'Great achievements is always born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness'.

From his rich profile, it is visible that he largely has a high percentage of his businesses located in Oyo state: from his hotel business, Bayse one hotels, which is over 10 years in operation to the international franchise of Best Western Plus; real estate business with offices/shopping complexes; Bayse one Farms (agriculture). Quite unlike many capitalist who would rather savour the opportunities in situating their businesses in foreign countries, Bayo Adelabu has looked inward to tap from the opportunities and resources available to flourish his business with home grown talents who can even be more productive than their foreign counterparts. He has localised his business ideas to enrich and support the bountless and numerous untapped resources of the state.

The huge and selfless contribution to the revitalization of his alma mater, Lagelu Grammar School is equally unparalleled. He has been the chief contributing factor to the rebranding of the age old institution where he also double as the Chairman, School Governing Board, Lagelu Grammar School. He has spearheaded many laudable projects to awaken the learning standard of the school from it slumber, his numerous projects cannot go unnoticed since 2012, the year he led his set, 1982/87, to renovate two blocks of classrooms, provision of 500 units of students chairs and lockers, 10,000 pieces of big exercise books and 10 computer work station as their quota to providing quality education in the school. Evidently, Bayo Adelabu has  been a work in progress since then and in 2017, he also led his set to donate an ultra-modern block of toilet consisting of 8-rooms while celebrating their 30-years graduation anniversary. More recently in 2018, he is building a school governing board building for the school which will house the administrative office of the School, School Governing Board Office and an Alumni Centre, superlative gesture you will say, he does them without blinking an eye.

It doesn't end there, he has a wide range of projects in the state which were facilitated during his tenure as deputy governor of CBN. Projects which include: Donation of Multi-billion Naira buildings for the University of Ibadan, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, the Technical University, Ibadan and Bishop Philips Academy Secondary School; the CBN Ultra-modern Diagnostics and Medical Center in Ibadan while the proposals for similar projects have been approved by the Board of the CBN for the University College Teaching Hospital, (UCH), The Polytechnic, Ibadan and Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan to commence work soon. He is also about to commission the already completed Skill Acquisition Center in Ibadan and the new Ultra-modern Administrative Building for Lagelu Grammar School. He has also assisted the state government in tourism attraction with his state of the art investment in hospitality and  the entertainment sector, as well as providing affordable housing for the people of Oyo state through his investments in commercial real estate all over Oyo state and so much more, all to mention but a few.

All these recap, however sets up an intrinsic knowledge on the motivating factors behind the concept, Bayo Adelabu, his future ambition towards the betterment of Oyo state and his subsequent retirement from the CBN. He does not come to you like your everyday Nigerian politician whose primary goal is to invest in the people abinitio, thereupon, multiply their gains consonantly when they assumes power, but Bayo Adelabu comes to build Oyo state together with the people to reach an unprecedented height in the history of the state and to also propagate the huge and priceless imagery and ideology of his grandfather Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, pioneer of modern politics in Nigeria.

A lot is vested in his pedigree and rich family history which will also serve as a yardstick in measuring his level of success during his tenure. Hence, his resignation should rather be seen as a humane and selfless gesture which deserves our collective embrace. It also serve as a pointer to the believe that there is no juicy office that is not worthy of retirement or walking-away from especially when you can make more notable influence and proffered changes to your people's way of life and social environment than the former office. Bayo Adelabu has influenced many lives during his private and public service yet at a restricted capacity in the banking sector, his greater impact will no doubt be felt and accomplished if he assumes the helm of affairs by being the governor of Oyo state come 2019. Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi is the man to make the difference and return the state back to its former glory as the country's pacesetter, let's rally round to support this great achiever towards 2019.

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