Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Creation of a New America

Donald Trump fears no foe! He's been there, done that! He has been vilified, underestimated and each time, i suppose, he has proved cynics wrong. But here he is, changing completely the rhythm and melody of the tunes in his much anticipated grasp at the helms of the American government, albeit not certainly expecting - no less - a celebrated public view of him.

In all fairness, running a government, especially the United States of America is no ball games or grand-business as usual. Yet the elected president of America is going to do it - his way and doing it particular 'his way' promises so much from like the preelection times, yet he's not a man known for running away from taking risks.

At the time of writing this article, the President elect has chosen about 21 members of cabinet and advisers to be his political juggernaut when he assumes the oval office come January, 2017. He's rather unrelenting about his preelection overview of a corrupt democratic government of the previous dispensation hence the need for a complete overhaul with different background - American top business bosses (like-minds).

Already at this point, views are trooping in and a balance of erudite and experienced opinion can't be purged out of sight especially when carefully harnessed into a projection and debatable forum of conceptions. Some say Donald Trump is building a cabinet in his own image: blunt-talkers with real-world experience. Others assert that "experience is key to running a government". While many on the other hands will agree no less that making America great will be his top priority, however way he comes about that is the crux of the fear of world at large.

Like many will argue, the high-level corporate experience in his cabinets are used to having to please shareholders, board members, employees and the community. Now decision making will most certainly supersede such limited capacity they are known for and any wreckless decisions and/or unreserved remarks might shift balance from the usual white house practice thus resulting in imbalances and may be eventual loss of job.

However way we juxtapose our varying conceptions, Donald Trump is the Chief Pilot and we are practically going to play the card - the trump card - his way.

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