Friday, December 02, 2016

Ondo Election as a yardstick for Oyo states'

Looking at my timeline these past few days, i still see many of our youths practicing a recurrent approach to the issue of governance but somehow expecting a different result. I can't seem to be able to conceive how in the world that is going to be possible. The youths are as ever witless and not to harp on but the system is completely warped and incongruent. It just doesn't add up.

Sequence to the results of the Ondo State elections, many youths can be seen deliberating on their preferred candidate for Oyo state 2019 without exhaling the economic relevance attached to their very much revered candidate. Don't just throw up names into thin air, give me reasons to vote for your candidate. It won't trade our votes for peanuts at this pressing times.

Just last month BudgIT released a statement on the economic situations of Oyo state, believe me we need only qualified hands at the helm of affairs. Candidates who understands the abnormal and unpredictable trend of the market value financially and economically. Candidates who understand exactly how the system works. Candidates who won't make light of an utopian dream merely to win over my endorsement

"Oyo State's average recurrent expenditure at N7.7bn (2016) is high and drastic action needs to be taken to correct the abnormalities, given that her average monthly revenue is approximately N4.2bn. This can barely settle
personnel costs with nothing left for capital investment. Oyo needs strategic thinkers to position it as a hub to Lagos, a city 120km away from her capital." - BudgetIT

You will agree with me that on this basis, we simply need to dig deep into our artifacts to hold steadfast our treasured values and prized inheritance. We need to return Oyo state to its glorious days as the premier hub and pacesetter state of the nation. This however, does not revolve around debauched practices, vainglorious ethos, insensitive analysis of pivotal issues that relates to us, profligacy and nepotism.

It's okay to come on SM and start crooning names who will be of low benefit to our people but to whose detriment, posterity of course. Oyo state will do nothing of Ondo's style, we won't sell our birthrights, no we won't trade our votes for peanuts. Let's rally for a unified movement.

No disrespect to anybody's mandate but when a group of people sell their votes to a candidate, those group of people have no right to demand anything productive from the candidate. Everything is now bloated and inverse, welfarism no longer the cornerstone of the government's programmes, now they wage war on the poor and no longer against poverty.

Deserving of Oyo states are candidates who will have the will of the people at heart. I've rallied round but there exist not many I can call to meet this near impossible dream of returning Oyo state to the coveted status of the envied amongst states.

If you have an opinion lay it bare


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