Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is GEJ all talking now?

Is Goodluck Jonathan Ready To Talk?

That was the question that ran through my mind all day when the news of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's speech at the Oxford Union discussing youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, corruption in Nigeria went viral. Is he ready to come out in the public? Is he now ready to hop back into politics? Because he once mentioned that he's taking a break from politics. He has has been politically away for may be 17 months and he's maybe already tired of been adumbrated out of the center stage and like they say: maybe he has gotten his mojo back. Whatever it is, he should not mess with the once military man at the helms; PMB.

The man in question, Sambo Dasuki, who was accused of mismanaging the security fund meant for the procurement of military arms with about $2.1billiion, has been in EFCC custody for well over a year now. He has to a large extent enumerated out how he went about spending the money but even with such frantic effort to make the names of acceptees of the cash go public, he is yet to be released. When he gets discharged and acquitted for one case, he immediately gets incriminated for another. We are talking of multiple count charges.

It is most certainly going to be very heated up in the coming weeks because some group of the populace are already agitating for the former president's immediate arrest and maybe subsequently arraigned for questioning because he was no doubt the grand commander of the misdeed. So if anybody is going to face the wrath of the law, the former president cannot be left out of the action.

Where exactly this game, full of intrigue is headed, I most definitely have no inkling of foreknowledge, but I'm of the assumption that its going to be thrilling for the neutral audience.

Will it form a base for the 2019 drama?


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