Monday, October 24, 2016

An Angle From The Nigerian Democracy!

The beauty or crudeness of the Nigerian democracy (as they case may be) is that we will move on regardless of the news leak, political debacle or saga that may evolve from activities therein around us. Nigeria is known especially for being survivors, bring it on and surely we'll beat it. As so many drama unfolds, so many chronicles and new narratives unfurling yet we stand albeit shaken a little but with the propensity to always move on and (wait for it) forget all about the past.

Nigeria have been through a whole lot from the civil war, to the intermittent coup by the military men down to the 90s, to the annulment of June 12, to the longest era of Nigeria democracy ever and has invariably catapulted us to this recent travails of present multiple and endless predicaments we are embroiled in. Infact its a never ending drama of bulletin with an alloy of vilification as a zest to suit the readers taste, this has probably been happening since the inception of the fourth republic.

Letting the camera roll from the National Assembly theatrics to the governorship camps, down to the judiciary and the tribunals, scandals upon scandals. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo was a popular figure in his prime on the ascension into the new millennium. He was the revered father of the new Nigeria, may be till date. But he sure did make the waters reverberate.

Either by careful game plan, intellectual principle or simple bargaining, he somehow had a foothold of the escapades of our political lords, thereby dictating the pace of the game; politics.

But since he left power, it has been a crowded gathering of high ranking lordships. Many kingpins have emerged and have all established their authorities and commands within and outside their territories and boy have they been effective and fruitful too. They bore many seeds and have in fact outgrown their territories.

Many events and fairytales for posterity have been written, edited and updated to date too. But it can be all embarrassing and nauseating at the very least considering the level of progress attained nationally since independence. What has been the most baffling of the lots is the unequivocal dissonance to reach a definite compromise in salient and sensitive issues within every gathering, its sometimes completely disgusting when you see the obvious yet choose to deviate from the true line of discussion. We don't call a spade a spade anymore. We rally facts simlpy to suit sentiment. We scare away from assuaging a balance between these contrasting realms we make our abode.

In most recent times especially, the daily newspapers have been engraved with mind boggling headlines that would have called for a review of our constitution, an overall auditing of the state expenditure, a new look into the salaries and allowances attached to public offices, re-valuation of our electoral value, vicissitude in schools syllabuses and tertiary institutions schemes and many more.  But here we are holding on to the precious little thing we have; sanity and hope for the better.

In reality, we have too many people in contention for power, too many topmen at the helms of affair. Too many power house battling it out on the political field, today the news says one thing, tomorrow it goes back to say another. Somebody get accused of something today, tomorrow he comes out to deny it abruptly and just so you know it might aptly spell the end of the crisis or libel as the case may be.

So much vilification and slandering and it goes on and on. Too many strong forces now go ahead to purchase media houses and assemble news agencies to achieve their political aim and goal. So many altercation across opposite ends, so many accusations and confrontation going on at will, even proclamations of things not witnessed, mongerings and hearsay steal the headlines the very next day.

How did we get hear?

We got here simply by misplaced trust towards our leaders, mistaken loyalty towards our political system, misplaced loyalty towards our ethnic line and misguided loyalty towards our fellow country men.

If not handled critically, it might just be the beginning of the end for our dear country; Nigeria. We need to imbibe alternative teaching, hence, I can say vividly that we desire an holistic approach to our dawning issue which even the most unbelieving and ever doubting Thomas will come to agree with. A varied method highly different from our conventional approach to solutions which has to a much extent taken us nowhere in this fairy ride to no place particularly. We proper documentation of data analysis, everything said in the past need to count, you don't right all the wrongs of the past just like that. We forget yesterday just too soon.

Nigerians have been through a lot but for how long do we keep coming out of these ordeals unscathed. For how long do we keep getting lucky from the same evil predicament that befalls us each time. They say 'once beaten twice shy', I can categorically state that for Nigeria it is 'once beaten half shy'.

I drop my pen!

Thank you!


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