Sunday, October 23, 2016

Deeduke Blog Page Revamped

Its been a while in here, sometimes I feel too lonely to press on. Went through some little complications and had a moment of self interlude to juxtapose between the different sides of life been presented to me. Maintaining a moral compass to lead you through the very essence of life and meeting the proper moral standards to balance the status quo.

Its a pretty sad tale altogether when you even consider the economic and social values as well. A factor independent of your cerebral capability, moral value, business acumen, intellectual prowess, social standards, erudite ability and all, yet it holds a deep sense of power to determine what exactly goes on in one's life.

My mama once told me to never give up on my goal, regardless of whatever phase life presents. It is an analogy that have since been in my possession,  a standard i have since lived by and i have put into practice. A sporadic balance with stability is acceptable but to call it quit is out of order and quite unacceptable. So that's the case!

But I'm here and better, served hot and with some cream to suit exactly your taste, trust me, there is going to be no dull moment within this phase of our affair.

So stay tuned!

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