Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The unsteady dilemma of the opposition

The downtrodden effect of the unsignificant but convincing strategy and procedures to actualising victory in the past election of the now ruling party of Nigeria is outrightly the major obstacle that gravely seems to stare right back at them; the APC even while in power and government.

There were plenty dirty, nasty, hoggish, distasteful and unethical methods that were employed to claiming the mandate of leadership albeit exhibited by both parties. Unrealistic and mirage promises were also on display, heaven and earth were promised, the good deeds from their distrustful and timid archives and track records were advertised as "a tip of the iceberg" to the feeble minded and inexperienced citizens of this country. Witty! you might exclaim. Quite rightly, everybody danced to their tune, now the albatross burden and responsibilities though attainable is reaching an equivalent ethical threshold and a direct mutation of the infinite taste and savoury of the contemporary people from the government of today is all incarnation over again.

Ponder this: Is it ethical to cook up lies about your competitors or opposition for the sole aim of winning a contract? Many people's standard of behavior will insist that lying for a business financial victory is not unethical.

The Yorubas (from South West, Nigeria) will invariably put it thus:
"egba ti a fi na iya'le on be lori aja fun iyawo"
In English: "the cane or thin rod (used as a means of punishment) for flogging the first wife is also on the roof for the new wife"

Moral Lesson: Playing the politically naive, unseasoned and callow but simultaneously abruptly blunt, explicit and impolite Donald Trump's modalities and methods will inadvertently lead you nowhere. However, we should aptly digest the moral importance highlighted with this present leadership and their wobbly and wiggly melodrama which is certainly going to lead them to a juncture that will determine their fate come 2019.

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