Friday, August 21, 2015

Nigerian Youths And Political Propaganda

Nigeria youth grandeur is a prototypical representation of the character and attitude with which Nigerian politics is being projected. Information is top notch with the speed of light. Interpretation could be ambiguous and misconception of the narratives could greatly swing with any attached alternating altitude. This could be of the less significance with the new attitude to the psychology of reasoning of the modern Nigerian youths.

Nigerian youths are intellectual no doubt with lots of information at our disposal with the recent aid and cheap availability of the Internet together with the zeal to learning anything, however, our pact or direction should not swerve too further from the base of truthfulness and impartiality. Nepotism and partisanship should be harbored with diplomacy, caution and shrewdness.

Nigerian youths should be quick to recall that the ideology of each party representation is not a direct representation of the party stance and vice versa. A typical Nigerian political party is an aggregation of patent party ideologist, sensitive and insensitive party decampees, party rogues and imperceptive mentalities who have no basic knowledge of the party goals and objectives at heart.

So therfore, I will ask; why do Nigerian youths who have no basic knowledge of the situations in a different regional state, stand tall as an advocate in proponent for any political battle that stands against the party representative in the other region. Pathetic I would say! A predicament and morass complication in our hands it is.

Our youths need to be reminded that a party can never be right on every issue that befalls her all the time. This is necessary to avoid breeding cancerworm in the fabrics of this great nation. Let's agitate towards a better politically balanced Nigeria, youthfully. Tomorrow is in our hands, let's aspire for a legacy inspired towards awarding a profound and moral ethics and value for our generation and beyond.

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