Sunday, August 30, 2015

Economists and Governmental Policies

The new government is (in my opinion) purely ruling the country like we just newly gained iindependent and are in dire need of cognizance from the developed countries. Nigeria is an independent nation who should be capable of making key decisions by herself especially those that soothes her citizens or maintain a brilliant order of life in the country. In a little diversion; Nigeria economy have defy all methodologies, principles and facts. We have welcomed the greatest merchants, economists, lawyers, accountants and the military men who have all come to rule the nation, one sector/ministry of the economy or the other and have all failed to achievement great success. Nigeria economic setup has redefined all global knowledge and lay down rule to achieving an ascertained forward goal.

Neck deep in this revelation, our dear nation should withdraw her tentacles, lets desist from mediocre and paltry style of government where the US especially have to endorse all our governmental policy and polity. Every sector reform need the clarification of the advanced nations whose policy and reforms have been implemented in almost every sector of the economy and development still ceases to take paramount effect on the economy, life and status of the citizenry. The highly intellectual, educationally sound and elite past CBN governors have failed in uplifting the standards of this economy.

One of the frontline aim of this government was to unify, repair and polish the relationship between the nation and the US with an official meeting in America. That trip comprising of over 30 delegates (including the president’s son) turned out to be a waste of valuable time and resources except for some much publicized (via billboard cue social media) handshake between Gov Rochas Okorocha and the president of the United States. No names of oil theft list was released and Nigeria's much bloated dependency on the trip to America only deflated with the same ease it was published in the media.

The paradigm envisage is that: what eventually happens if the US do not endorse all our streamlined reforms. Activities deserve to be built on successful agenda to move the country forward. To reach a central goal towards developing the nation. The government needs to make recommendations based on the current Nigerian economic state with value and fundamentals of our economy should not be neglected.


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