Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rapper Vector Failed To Attend A Video Shoot In Ibadan

The popular rap star Vector was in Ibadan on Friday for a video shoot in a yet-to-be released song titled Igboro by the popular IB crooner Tundey fa Tundey. The track was produced by Gberatinrin Studio (GTS) in Ibadan and directed by Moe Musa and Ab Fresh. 

The song was rumoured to be released once the video work is completed but as we heard, the lyrical rap star VEC failed to appear for his part of the video. It was rumoured he and his manager were having a swell time swimming, mingling and having so much belated fun in an exotic 5 star hotel with their Ibadan peeps and (could you believe) forgot to attend the video shoot they were brought down and paid for. 

The Gberatinrin Studio crew were really devastated by such unwarranted situation, haphazard mess and the embarassing predicament they were put through after so much money and hype that surrounded the project. 


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