Sunday, April 05, 2015

Kenyan Government Puts A Heavy Price Tag On The Attack Mastermind

The Kenyan government says Mohamed Mohamud, also known by aliases Dulyadin and Gamadhere, is the mastermind of Thursday's Kenya university terror attack, according to a tweet from the country's Interior Ministry .

Al-Shabaab is an al Qaeda-linked militant group based in Somalia and it took full responsibility for the attack, according to the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi.

Earlier, the ministry posted a "Most Wanted" notice for Mohamud. It offers a reward of 20 million Kenyan shillings, which is about $215,000.

"We appeal to anyone with any info on #Gamadhere to share with relevant authorities and security agencies," the Interior Ministry posted on Twitter.

Mohamud is in charge of external operations against Kenya, the document says, and he is the regional commander within Al-Shabaab in charge of the Juba region. In this role, he commands the militia along the border and "is responsible for cross-border incursions in the country."

His network extends within the Dadaab refugee camp, the document says. Dadaab is the world's biggest refugee camp, home to thousands of people, according to the United Nations . It's located in Kenya's North Eastern province near Somalia.

Mohamud is Kenyan and has three wives and three siblings,
including two with links to Al-Shabaab, the document say


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