Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My Re-endorsement of Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi Oyo 2019 Project

Many might observe that recently I have soft pedalled on the chant for a youthful regime through Adebayo Adelabu, the grandson of the renowned Ibadan politician and great nationalist, Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, this is not because there has been a change of mind but to critically reevaluate our position and possibly a rethink of base of flight. This has been ongoing for a while, I have given it a deeper than usual thought, I have absorbed the prospect of other aspirants and weighed the chances of them performing better, I have juxtaposed their noble intent and novel aspiration with the salient need of the people of our dear state and found them no where close to Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi.

In these periods of careful diagnosis, I have come across many views and opinions, posts and comments ventilating their presentation of support for their revered choice for Oyo 2019. Many have made a brave attempt to sell their candidates philanthropic gestures while a host of others would rather attempt to force down your throat their prejudice argument for their candidate hence adumbrating the true essence of democracy. However, none have successfully been able to streamline their preferred candidate's antecedents with respect to how they will benefit their social environment and in the process aerate their economic blueprint, record of financial dexterity and management of previous offices along with their record of successes in their field of profession.

It far supersedes the usual chant praises of a glorified master on physical mode basis or via social media but exemplifying the true character adorned to deliver on re-engineering the anomalies in our porous system, alleviating poverty and subsequently elevating the standard of living of the people of Oyo state.

These are by no way an end in itself but a mean to an end and it is noteworthy to mention that the aforementioned modalities can also be carefully researched and broadcasted through the media as suggested by any fool planning to be in government but exhibiting the traits and innate creed to carry out these functions requires just more than the usual rhetorics. The desire to channel our bountiful state resources to a rapid socioeconomic growth deserves to be handed to the right hand and none other is most capable than Oloye Adebayo Adelabu, the Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland, the grandson of Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, the scion of the Adelabu dynasty. #TeamPenkelemesi #Oyo2019


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