Friday, June 23, 2017

Even 9ice Got it Wrong

In relation to the song by the Gongo Aso crooner, 9ice whose song has once again cooked a parlance to revitalize his street credibility with the popular Yoruba proverb 'olé lo b'òmóje, kin sa ti lowo' (money by fire by force creed except for stealing/theft) phrase in his living things track, which many classify as the new scam anthem (yahoo anthem).

Contrary to his perceived perception and the conventional outdated believe that stealing is the only crime any person can commit that may permanently defile the reputation culled overtime, the Nigerian concept has rebranded the whole ethical narrative where stealing conventionally tarnishes one's image completely in the past. This I must say is very unlikely in this present state, where criminals become the godfathers, role models and our pacesetters in the political arena.

It is simply what the world has metamorphosed into, we don some level of unquantifiable regard for looters and glorified criminals who have milked dry our national resources, yet we choose to believe we are ploughing the safe route for national redemption. Quite unlikely.

Sadly that's the modern day society we now dwell, where even stealing and corrupting is canonized across the galleries. More recently, a notorious kidnapper, Evans, garnered many sympathetic messages across the social media probably due to his kind gestures across his immediate society and people at large, but notwithstanding it's all a case of rallying facts to suit sentiments.

It is a shame how this aptly define the society we now find ourselves and Mr Abolore Adigun Ajifolajifaola aka 9ice should be told that stealing and corrupting are the new peak in the society. The people will continue to think very highly of criminals so long they don't get caught. Nigeria; a nation that has sailed into a complete Ethical drift. But I'll say they should remember the popular police saying that: if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.


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