Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Trump Card

The greatness of America cannot be over emphasized but lacking prominently is Ethics and Value. Long wallowed in time immemorial extinction.

The American election campaigns played host to too many unethical rulings, all manners of slander, exhuming of archives and encroachment of privacy. It did went over the bar. I remembered Donald Trump once threatening Ted Cruz of being involved in his wife's nude photographs which resurfaced online and in retaliation he would spill the beans of Ted Cruz's wife too. It was that bad.

He went vulgar on Hilary at some point, called her all sort of names.

Then came the Access tape, where he was heard bragging about groping women and other allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. Pre-election polls rated Trump bleak with the women folks.

But needless to say, all these factors were stage shy when it came down to the manifestation of the people's franchise. He won nonetheless. And it was on record that a large chunk of the white women voted Mr Trump and he won in Pennsylvania, a state that had voted Democratic since 1992.

He was spiteful of women sometimes or may be he wasn't, may be he was being intuitive and lacked second thoughts on key issues or may be he was play-acting, playing out a script; the Trump card. Either way it worked out just well for Trump and team.

Left in awe of these revelations, I'm tempted to ask: would this have worked out in Africa, Nigeria precisely? The answer cannot be farfetched. You completely remove your ethics and morals garb, gab conceitedly and still get the nod and 'dab' of the majority. Awesome. Isn't that a drive against the odds.

I hope his manner of historic feat against all foresights, seers, analysts, predictors and expert reviews is adopted into the curriculum as a basis for political campaign. Get-the-ticket-at-all-cost tactics. He has even greater task ahead of him, raising the wall don't come about that easily, you make even more enemies.

I hope he makes America great again!


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