Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Survival Of The Youths As Leaders Of Today

The Nigerian youths are living the future of the past already. It is a more multifarious world now remember and challenges are even more wholly immeasurable. Let's rejoice because we are not as bad as they say after all. It is imperative to assert that we are not where we dream or deserve to be and yes, it could be better but it way supersedes the cynics' conviction about us. We are beyond the halfway mark, far from our dream land but nothing close to the skeptics conception of us.

They perceive us as indolent silhouettes and mannequins, metaphorically speaking who are incapable of championing an initiative but that's not us, far from it. We are the new order, the electronic age generation who do not necessarily follow suit or script, semi-formal, work lesser hours, sometimes spend profligately, gritty juveniles, laugh at empty jokes and still love to meet new people.

We are there, the new youth is alive and ripe for leadership, we have shown our unlimited capacity in as much as many aspect of life. At half a decade of age, our invaluable efforts cut across all ramifications. From the health sector, to the educational system, the industrial sector, food and drinks, technological advancement is modern, science world is widely dominated, textiles, construction and engineering is dominated by our agility and character. The list is endless.

So, this may lead me to ask; why the fallacy and hoax about the lack of leadership character amongst us? Gibberish talks you might want to agree. But in reality, it's a simple phenomenon of never give a lawyer's job to a dentist. We have youths who have excelled beautifully in their chosen fields and all we need to do is choose carefully the meritorious character with the top agility and leadership dexterity to lead us.

Youths have liberated nations and emancipated the citizenry. Youths have led wars and conquered. Youths have set foot on the moon, orbited the earth and lived aboard space stations for extended period of time. Youths have consummated so much for humanity, why will the leadership in the Nigerian structure be an exemption.

We can't keep looking akimbo when the leadership office becomes vacant, we can't keep maintaining the passive mode at critical times, we can't hold on to the dormancy state when much is expected of us. Leaders of today! Tomorrow is today! Let's put our acts right, let's hustle and join the tussle for the office of the premier in our different realms, our provinces have to be dominated by the youthful aura instilled in us by nature. This is the defining moment in this period of our existence, let's go all out and dominate our species.

Time for the youths is now!


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